Reason To Rejoice!

28 04 2010

“Faith is resting in the fact that God has an objective in leaving me on the scene when I feel useless to Him and a burden to others.” -Pamela Reeve

With or without burdens, running will always be a part of my wretch life.

They say that life’s  most precious moment is when you’re at the bottom, when  you’re helpless and hopeless and when everything around you is vague and dark. At this time, I’m not only at the bottom, but literally, I’m at the dungeon of doubt. All I can see now is uncertainty  around me.

Let me tell you a brief story about this wonderful guy, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Although innocent, this man was held captive by Nazi forces during World war II.

During his eight years in Russian camps, his parents died and his wife divorced him . Upon his release from prison he was dying of a cancer that was growing in him so rapidly that he could feel the difference in a span of twelve hours. It was at that point that he abandoned himself to God, so beautifully illustrated  of three lines of the incredible prayer that came in that dark hour: “Oh God, how easy it is for me to believe in You. You created a path for me through despair….Oh God, You have used me  and where You cannot use me, You have appointed others. Thank You.”

What an attitude! Yes, we have problems but those problems cannot be compared with that of Aleksandr’s. We’re  still healthy, not behind bar or in pain. We still  have reason to rejoice.

It’s ordinary thing to rejoice when everything is alright but if you can still be happy in the midst of trials, -then that’s EXTRA ORDINARY!

All things work together for good and God makes no mistakes.

My reason to rejoice is this: This place called earth is just my temporary home, I’m just passing through. My real citizenship is in heaven -where there’s no more tears or sickness or death or discrimination or pain. A place where everything is perfect and complete.

Someday, all of our accomplishments will be left behind -our wealth, position, power, influence, PRs,…there’s only one that will remain -how we spent our lives in serving God. Did we put Him first place in our hearts? Did we share Him to others? Did we make Him our Lord and Savior?

If you can say YES to those questions, you’re indeed blessed!

You have reason to rejoice.

4/27/10 -During my training.

To God be the Glory!




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