8 05 2010

“However long the night, the dawn will break.” -African Proverb

Let me thank the Lord and to those people who have prayed for me during the darkest and the most difficult time of my life, for finally…I do have a job offer and will start a new career this coming Tuesday somewhere in Makati City. With this good news, I can say, I can join again races in the next few weeks.

I’m so disappointed because I was not able to join TNF and PAU due to financial difficulty as I became a ‘bum’  during the last 2 months.

My faith was tested to the limit but when I’m about to give up, the dawn peeks in giving me a sign of relief. It is cool and very comforting.

Now, there are few things I learned when I encountered this dilemma…

1.  Everything here on earth is but temporary. We own nothing. In a snap of a finger, all your possessions can be lost.

2. You will know people’s loyalty when you’re at the bottom. Few will stay, majority will abandon you.

3. Life is unpredictable. In time of peace, prepare for war.

3. In good times and in bad times, running will always be a part of my life.

To all of my loyal friends who adopted me  (You know who you are) during those difficult times, I want to say this…I’ll be loyal to all of you too! And someday, I wish to return the favor.

See you at the races.

God be Praised!




2 responses

9 05 2010
Kenley Jones

Congratulations of the Job Offer Sir Ronnie. I am thankful to God that our prayers were answered, and I hope that you find comfort and relief in your accomplishments and hard looking. I can imagine you will have a great weekend now. I just got some good news. Ill share later with you. For now I celebrate with you little brother. Have a good one. And as always…………God Bless.

10 05 2010
cynthia nazareno

Hello classmate…great news on the job offer & congratulations….be home in 7 days…cant wait- see you in naic!

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