When The Nature Calls…

12 06 2010

“Whether you look near and far, whether you look for bigness and smallness, the wonders of nature stagger the mind with the wisdom woven through it all. ” -John Piper

Last Saturday, June 7, 2010…I ran a 50K from 4am up to 11:35am. I made  22 loops (2 kms per loop) from Zilcas Bridge up to Carmona Exit in Southwoods Carmona Cavite. The entire place was covered with huge acacia trees making it ideal for LSD minus the damaging effect of the sun’s deadly UVRs.

The remaining 6 kms were alloted in  going to that place and vice versa.

In that route, I witnessed a race and took pictures of me and my running buddies.

witnessed a race while doing my own LSD…

I’m not active anymore in races since Registration Fees nowadays are no longer reasonable but I’ll make sure I’ll always run no matter what. I already participated in almost 80 races before and majority of those events offered cheap Registration Fees. If  I have a budget, I’ll still join races in the future but not this month.

One good thing about doing a LSD is that you can enjoy running by just seeing the beauty of nature. In races, your focus is all about SPEED and beating your PR. Unlike when you’re alone, you have all the time in the world to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Sometimes, I took pictures of flowers, animals and insects.

I’m so mesmerized by just looking at those insects. They reminded me on how powerful our God is.

Just recently, I read about a European water spider that lives at the bottom of the lake, but breathes air. It comes to the top of the water, does a somersault on the surface and catches the bubble of air. Then it holds the bubble over the breathing holes in the middle of its body while it swims to the bottom of the lake and spins a silk web among the seaweed. It goes up and brings down  bubble after bubble until a little balloon of air  is formed under its silk web where it can live  and eat and mate. When I read that, there was a moment of worship on my study table. Like what I’m always doing during my LSD, I shout, “Oh Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures.”

And I think  He smiles and says, “Yes, and I have been enjoying that little piece of art  since before the days of old. And if you only knew  how many millions of other wonders there are beyond your sight that I behold with gladness everyday.”

The next time you’ll do a Long Run, take that opportunity to appreciate the wonders of nature. PAUSE and walk for a while.

Running a 50K is not an easy task but you can make it memorable and exciting if you’ll put some ‘FUN’ on it. And one way of doing that is to express these words…” Oh Lord, in wisdom You have made them all.”

In races and out of races, do it ALL for the glory of God!

God be Praised!



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19 06 2010

Hi I want you to check out this coming October 17,2010 there is this run coming up registration fees are only 250.00 hope you could join this event & you could also bring along your friends with this event coming up………. God Bless!

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