In Comfort Zone Or Not…

19 06 2010

“Life is like sailing.  You can use any wind to go in any direction.”  ~Robert Brault

In one of our biking adventures…

The last time I did a good run was last Sunday, June 13, 2010. It was already 6 days and until now, no running since then.

Reasons: I relocated from my comfort zone  to Dasmarinas Cavite. It was a tough decision. Honestly speaking, It took me more than 6 months  to think and evaluate things. I prayed a lot for it.

I’ll miss many people, majority of them are my running/biking buddies. I lived there for more than 5 years and in that place, I became a runner and a biker. It was also in that place that I finished my first ever triathlon.

It only proves that nothing is permanent in this world. Sometimes, in the blink of an eye, all of our cherished possessions,  house, cars, money, job…including people, can be taken away from us, and sometimes, without warning.

Another reason is my job. My work schedule is 11 hours a day (5:30am to 4:30pm) four times a week, making it impossible to run during those times that I’m working.

So tomorrow, June 21, 2010…I’m planning to run my first route here in Dasmarinas Cavite. I don’t know where my feet will lead me but definitely it will be exciting and challenging.

By the way, I’m planning to do another 50 kms this coming July 4, 2010 and if  I can finish that, I’ll donate a P500 to a ‘charitable institution’ of my choice. High registration fees prevent me from joining races nowadays. I’ll just create my own ‘event’ and whatever amount I can give to our unfortunate children, I will give it -by means of running. And sometimes, biking.

I’ll update you regarding the route.

Let’s continue running, anywhere, anyhow.

God be Praised!




3 responses

20 06 2010
Cynthia Nazareno

Hello Classmate- Just got back from Philippines. Too bad di tayo ngkita, newayz, I got your running apparel and Hard Rock Cafe shirt and I left it to my cousin from Ibayo Silangan. Let me know if you are ready to pick it up. Thanks and tc nlang….

28 06 2010


Welcome to the City of Dasmariñas hehehehehe! Where in Dasma you’re located? There’s not much road-friendly place to run there, I do my runs inside DLSU-D campus where the air is fresher, place is safe and with drinking fountains all over the place, the place is perfect. See you on Sunday buddy!


29 06 2010

Hi Cynthia…thanks a lot 🙂

Sam> I’ll try that route of yours. See you on Sunday, whether running or worshiping. 🙂

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