Running Scared!

25 07 2010

“To him who is in FEAR, everything rustles. ” -Sophocles

After my running activity last Wednesday…

Last Wednesday, I ran somewhere in Dasmarinas Cavite only to be chased by stray dogs. As a kid then, I was bitten by dogs five times and as a consequence, I do have fear for dogs since then. Luckily enough, I survived this time but if someone could see me that Wednesday’s early morning, you could see me running for my dear life.

And I’m running scared!

Want to know the shortest route to ineffectiveness? Start running scared. Try to cover every base at all times. Become paranoid over your front, your flanks and your rear. Think about every possible peril, focus on the dangers. Say no to courage and yes to caution. Expect the worst. Play your cards close to your vest. Let fear run wild.

I told you, eventhough I survived that vicious attack, I almost collapsed.

All of us have fears. For me, it’s heights and dogs.

Running scared invariably blows up in one’s face.

And even if you’re in your comfort zone, danger will always be there. There are no absolute guarantees. No fail-safe plans. No perfectly reliable designs. No completely risk-free arrangements.

I was reminded of a story of a man who secured his house with  latest devises to protect his family from crooked individuals but as he drove one day from the garage, his 18 month old son squirmed away from her sister’s grasp and ran behind the car. The child was killed instantly.

Life refuses to be that neat and clean. Not even the neurotics who go to extreme measures to make positively sure, are protected from their obsessive fears. Those best laid plans  of ‘mice and men’  continue to backfire , reminding us that living  and risking go hand and hand.

All who fly risk crashing. All who drive risk colliding. All who run risk falling (and bitten by dogs!). All who walk risk stumbling. All who live risk something!

Tell your fears where to get off! Otherwise, your quest for effectiveness will be interrupted.

Effectiveness—sometimes greatness -awaits those who refuse to RUN sacred.

Keep looking UP!

God be Praised.

* My sincerest apology for peeps because I was not able to come and be a volunteer for their runfest today…Thank you for understanding. I owe you one. : (




2 responses

25 07 2010
Bong Ortiz

Hi Ronnie! There should be a law requiring that a vicious dog should be leashed when it is outside the owner’s house to protect the public in general and us runners in particular from getting bitten. I myself got bit by a dog when I was 7 and even now, I stay away from dogs other than my pet, when running, even when the dog is leashed. Maybe you should carry a wooden stick when running to ward off a dog attack (but it may be cumbersome if you’re doing a long run). 🙂

28 07 2010

Thanks Bong…It’s been a long while. Hope you’re doing great 🙂

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