Enough Is Never Enough.

27 07 2010

“Fame, like flame, is harmless until you start inhaling it.” -selected

As a jogger then, my ultimate goal was to join a race.

And so I registered for my first race -the 5k in Cabuyao Laguna. At the finish line, I told myself  I’ll try the 10k.

And then a 15k… a 21k…a 25k.

Then came the 42k.

Then a 100K…followed by a 102K.

There was also a 24 hours Run.

I already joined almost 80 races in a short span of 4 years.

Enough is never enough.

Always more.

Contentment is out of the question.

To desire for more races is not bad. To train harder is also beneficial.

It is good for you, specially for your health (and bulging tummy.)

However, always keep in mind that MODERATION is the key. Our body needs rest, specially our feet.

In running, we can always strengthen our hearts but be very cautious not to over train our legs (and feet.)

And mind you, even our hearts can falter if you’re running at full speed without listening to your body.

My  friend died during a race some 5 years ago while running way above his heart rate. And there were confirmed fatalities during those recent races in Metro Manila.

Man will always strive to be better even to the point of neglecting their safety.

The rule of the thumb is this -DO ALL THINGS IN MODERATION.

And even if you’re a seasoned Ultra runner, a newbie or just starting your career as a runner -be moderate.

Slowly but surely.

When enough is never enough, be reminded that you can’t have it all at once.

Know your limit and be contented with it.

God be Praised.




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