Meaning Out Of Brokenness.

7 08 2010

“The world breaks everyone, and some get strong in the broken places.” -Ernest Hemingway

In one of my biking adventures in Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna

Sharing life’s experiences, happiness and most of the times, problems -that’s what we can hear from our running buddies every time we have a group run.

I’m so saddened upon hearing that one of my running friends suffered a  heart attack, and now, he can’t run anymore.

-My biking buddy fell terribly and his spinal column was greatly affected, and now, he’s paralyzed.

-The son of my running mate was stabbed twice when he fought against a snatcher.

Ours is an imperfect world.

For example:

-Your wife tells you that she has a Leukemia.

-Your boss says you are fired.

-Your son is arrested for shoplifting.

Everyone is broken eventually, but only some mend stronger because of it.

A.B Simpson wrote:

“Out of the presses of pain, come the soul’s best wine. The eyes that have shed no rain, can shed but little shine.”

Dr. Harold Sala in his magnificent book ‘Today Counts’ shared these inspiring stories:

When Amy Carmichael became an invalid because of a fall, she spent the next ten years of her life bedridden. Instead of crying out in anger, she ran to the Lord for strength and comfort. Those years , which she spent immobile, were some of her best as she wrote, counseled the unending stream of people who came to her, and prayed for India and the world.

When sickness put him in bed, L.B. Cowman put a map over his bed and prayed around the world. He also wrote about his suffering  and how God met him. His wife’s book, Streams In The Desert, was so loved by Chiang Kai Shek, the Chinese Leader, that both this book and the Bible were placed in his casket at his death.

“Some get strong in the broken places,” said Ernest Hemingway, yet the broken places in his personal life, unmended  by Jesus Christ, resulted in his suicide.

God give strength in the broken place. He alone brings meaning out of brokenness.

Keep looking up my friend – He will never fail you.

God be Praised!

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Athletes should weigh themselves before and after exercise or competition? Every pound of weight loss should be replaced  by drinking 2 glasses of water.

THINK ABOUT THIS: Days filled with new adventures  in Christ are neither endless or boring.

“I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18




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