Killed By Improvements?

9 08 2010

“Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit…” -Colossians 2:8

Finishing a Triathlon last March 2010…

In Our Daily Bread, I read this story;

There’s story about a woman who became seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. In the evening her husband asked  how she was doing , and he was told that she was improving. For several days her doctor gave the same report. Then one day she unexpectedly died. When the man saw the doctor, he asked, ” Well, what did she die of – improvements?”

I have nothing against improvements. I need it. Everybody needs it. But it should be the right kind of improvements.

As  a runner, my priority in the morning is not only to run. Before I run, prayer and meditation should be my first and foremost. If someone will tell me that prayer is not necessary,  and running alone will be enough, then, I will not listen to him. I’ll make sure that the person teaching me is guided by the  life-changing principles of God’s Word, not the deadening philosophies of this world.

Well, I’m not condemning those runners who died in a race. They are my idols and heroes. In fact, I admire them.

I have a friend who died while running in a competition. And I can’t blame him if he wanted to improve his personal record during that time. However, his mentor forced him to push his limit and ran as fast as he could. It is  appointed for men to die once, and I believe – it’s already his time.

As a rule of the thumb, we must listen to our body. Moderation is still the key.

Let me suggest the following so that we can monitor ourselves carefully while running, minimizing those tragedies:

1. Learn to use a heart rate monitor. This will give you warning if your heart rate exceeds the normal rate.

2. Avoid the sun. No one can beat her. Schedule your long run during cloudy day, or at night time.

3. Refresh regularly. Drink and sprinkle -that’s the bottom line.

4. Don’t be shy to walk. Sometimes, it’s the only way to cool down, preventing heat stroke and other related illnesses.

5. Smile once in awhile.

I’m after  endurance, rather than speed. But If I can improve a little bit in terms of speed – the better.

However, if wrong  improvements will kill me, then what’s the use?

I would rather be a tortoise than a hare.

Keep looking UP!

God be Praised!




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10 08 2010

good morning!….mwah 🙂

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