13 08 2010

“Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.” -John F. Kennedy

Running in Boracay Island…

According to the Canadian Army Journal, since 3600 B.C, the world has  known  only 292 years of peace. During this period there have been 14,531 wars, large and small. In which 3,640,000,000 people have been killed. The value of the destruction would pay for the golden belt around the world 156 kilometers in width  and 10 meters thick.

Since 650 B.C there have been 1,656 arm races, only 16 of which  have not ended in war. The rest have ended in the economic collapse of the countries concerned. –Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations by Paul Lee Tan page 1571

WAR – it’s inevitable. We always hear it in the news be it locally and abroad.

Do you know that deep within us, there’s also a WAR?

The battle between good and evil. Productivity and laziness. To train or not to train.

For the last week, I only ran once and that was last Tuesday with a very minimal time of 1 hour and 9 minutes. For the past few days, I’m too lazy to train. I would rather sleep than run. Working 11 hours a day from 3am to 2pm, what would you expect? Before, I used the gym specially the treadmill but now even that, I can’t do. I’m being too lazy and irresponsible.

It seems that the negative force is winning inside me. But the war will continue and I will not let that prevail for a long time.

Sometimes, the evil prevails in our lives.  We have  ‘ups and downs’ and made foolish decisions before, mistakes and past sins. But with the help of the Almighty and the people who are praying and still believing in us, I know He will help us bounce back and recover.

Everyday, God is giving us two options: RIGHT or WRONG way. The right way is not always pleasant and enjoyable. As a matter of fact, it is hard and less traveled by. The wrong way is the path that majority of  people choose, but eventually, the end of it is perdition and death. For there is a way that seems right to a person but its end is the way of death. On the other hand, the right way maybe corny and out of norms , but in the end-it will lead to life everlasting and reward.

It’s WAR TIME as always…In your mind.

The choice is yours! I’m praying that you choose the RIGHT way.

Time to flex those muscles, wear those running shoes and apparel, and train again. I declare war against laziness and unproductivity.

See you at the road.

God be Praised!




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