Who Is On Your Wall?

16 08 2010
“Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?” – Voltaire
During the Condura 42k Marathon, conquering the Skyway!

Just recently, I was invited by a running pal to his house after a long and steady practice one fine day. He offered me a cold juice with freshly baked  pandesal and  as I entered his house, I noticed a big poster of a  famous NBA player on his wall, Michael Jordan.  He was an avid fan of  MJ and he told me that during his prime, he played basketball a lot. He even  imitated some patented moves of that great icon in basketball as we wrapped that day with a candid smile.

Who is in your wall?

Let me share with you a short story taken from the book  “365 Moments To Cherish” by Robert Strand. Enjoy reading:

...My attention was focused on the tragic story of *Raffy Smith, an 18 year old senior, a basketball star with everything going his way… a promised athletic scholarship, first place winner in his school’s talent contest, and he was one of the most popular kids in school.

That’s the  background, here’s the story: …Raffy was driving home from a high school basketball game on a Friday night when he was stopped by a police in a patrol car. On the seat of the car beside Raffy was a big plastic bag with several chunks of crack, the highly concentrated and addictive  form of cocaine. So that he wouldn’t be arrested for illegal possession, he swallowed the drugs as the police made his way to the stopped car. Later that night he went to convulsions. His parents rushed him to the hospital, but early on Saturday morning, Raffy Smith died of a drug overdose.

One more element appears on this story: On the wall of Raffy’s bedroom , was a huge poster of his hero…basketball star *Ronald Morris.  Morris was the star of his school’s basketball team and for that year  was the #1 draft  pick  for the NBA. He was chosen by the Boston Celtics. But on the night he was drafted #1…Ronald Morris died of an overdose of cocaine!

* Names withheld to protect their identities.

A very sad story? Yes! Are you surprised? Maybe not. But consider Raffy’s role model was Ronald Morris. I can only imagine  that one of the first things he saw  in the morning and the last thing at night before closing his eyes was Ronald. Ronald was the hero,  dream, goal of Raffy.

Now my question to you: Who is your role model? Who is in the poster of your bedroom? Who would like you to follow? When you are dreaming of your future, who is the one person that comes to your mind, who do you see? Who do you have pasted  on the inside of your locker door? Who is on the dash of your car? Who do you want to be like?

Choose well! Heroes are important…but even more important is the hero you choose to follow.

Keep looking UP!

God be Praised.

“Let us fix our eyes on JESUS…the author and the finisher of our faith.” -Hebrews 12:2




4 responses

17 08 2010

Though I have some posters from the past Olympics on the wall, I have Jesus Christ on mine. Please take care and hope to meet you in November!


17 08 2010

mine not ‘who’ but what. the map of the philippines! for easy travel planning. Godbless sir

29 08 2010

That’s great. Thank you.

29 08 2010

wayne…hope to see you too. God bless bro.

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