The Mailman Delivered Again!

17 08 2010

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  ~Plato

Conquering Palace In The Sky Tagaytay City…

In his 19 years in the NBA, he averaged 25 points and 12 rebounds per game. Unfortunately, he didn’t win any championship, for his team, the Utah Jazz has a tougher opponent then, MJ’s Chicago Bulls. He had a monicker, the Mailman, for every time his team needs a point, the ball will be given to him -and he will deliver! His name -Karl Malone.

Last week, Malone and other NBA greats, including MJ, Bird, Magic etc. were inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame. And this time, Malone delivered again! Not with points, not with stats, but with  generosity and kindness.

Malone gave his Hall of Fame jacket to a boy in a wheelchair whom he didn’t know.

Karl Malone saw the paralyzed young boy who is watching  the induction and as the Mailman received the sports coat with the Hall of Fame logo, the Mailman approached the young boy and gave him his jacket- as a special delivery.

As I quote from  Yahoo Sports, Malone said, “Put it some closet and years from now blow the dust off of it, and look at it?” he said. “This little boy will do something with it. I love that I did it.”

I’m not a Karl Malone fan, in fact, I cheered for the Bulls when they met in the NBA Finals a couple of years ago, but as I read this story, I’m now one of his avid admirers from now on. Imagine, who among those NBA greats can do exactly what the Mailman did? I like his attitude. Not many people have the same  outlook in life.

For you, Karl Malone – the Mailman, this blog salutes you. You will go home without your Hall of Fame jacket, but you will remain an NBA Legend as true  Hall of  Famer.

On and Off the court, you’re indeed the Mailman! Thanks for that ‘Special Delivery.’

God be Praised!




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