Iron Will Of An IronMan…

21 08 2010

“It’s going to be tough but for sure, we will give everyone a good show.” -Terrenzo Bozzone

At the finish line of my first ever Triathlon…

841 total participants. 172 foreigners from 34 countries. They will swim 2.6 kms, will  bike 123.2 kms and will run 28.8 kms tomorrow, August 22, 2010 in Camarines Sur dubbed as  ‘Camsur’s Ironman 70.3’.

This event will separate men from boys and definitely, will test one’s limit and endurance. Against all elements, they will show to the world why they’re being called ‘IRONMAN’ or TRIATHLETE in their own right.

An IronMan must also have an iron will to survive and finish the race.

Terrenzo Bozzone, last year’s Champion from New Zealand, is expected to lord it over again as he said the quote I’ve mentioned above. I  just can’t imagine how he trained for this for almost a year and how he greatly benefited from these rudiments of training. A product of swimming, biking and running – almost a perfect body.

Oh well, as they enjoy this event physically, winners will take home fabulous prizes:

The champion will pocket $6,000 while the next two finishers will get home $4,000 and $2,000, respectively. The top Filipino placers get P50,000, P30,000 and P20,000.

To all my friends who will be joining this gigantic competition, I have a piece of advise: “Think positive, Walang Aayaw. Stay Safe and above all, have Fun.”

Congratulations in advance!

God be Praised.



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