Time To Build And Heal!

27 08 2010

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” –Tori Amos

The slogan “Time to build and heal” as my singlet in one of my running practices…

The ‘hostage-taking’ scenario last Monday only shows our country’s lack of capacity to solve a simple but a very demanding task of appeasing a bewildered hostage-taker. The leader of the negotiating panel whoever he was, must comply with every demands of the hostage-taker just to save lives of those innocent people. Remember, what this ex-cop wants is not too hard to give. He is not asking for billions of pesos, a chopper, or a release of a certain head of the terrorist in exchange of those captives, but for him to be reinstated so that he could have his ‘job’ again. If his demands were approved right there and then, this bloodshed could have been avoided.

Let me clear one point: I’m not a sympathizer of ex Capt. Mendoza. In fact, I cannot also tolerate  what he did. If he hated our government for his bad luck, he should confront those people liable for his fate  or maybe he held those responsible as his captives, but please – those Hong Kong nationals have nothing to do with it. They’re just here to enjoy with their families, to visit the beauty of our country. In the end, horror grips their souls as the whole world is watching!

Another thing that was not acceptable during that dark and sad Monday evening, was the presence of those MEDIA reporters whose only motive was to have an edge in terms of rating against their rival networks. In sensitive case like this, they should not be allowed to give coverage. A news-blackout should have been implemented. There were reports that ex Capt. Mendoza saw it on TV the way his brother was arrested and after that, he was fuming mad that eventually triggered him to kill those HK nationals one by one.

Not unless we change our ways, many more hostage-takers will arise and many more precious and innocent lives will be lost.

It will take time to build and heal specially to the family of those victims.

Let the rebuilding and healing process begins, and I dedicated that ‘run’ above to those unfortunate souls.

May we learn many lessons  from that Monday’s tragic history and PRAY that the sad scenario not to happen again in the future.

God is still in control, in good times and in bad times.

God be Praised!




4 responses

27 08 2010

Just shows how competent we can be in times like this. Let’s all hope this would be the last of all things like this.

29 08 2010

Yes, let’s pray that this incident will not happen again…

31 08 2010
Cynthia Nazareno

Well said classmate. How r u doing these days? Let me know when u’ll be in Naic so I’ll have my cuz give u my pasalubong, ayaw mo yatang i-claim? Joke- haha. Take care!

2 09 2010

I’ll be in Naic this coming Friday Sept 3 up to Sat Sept 4, 2010…thanks. : )

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