Despicable ME!

29 08 2010

“I am the greatest.” -Muhammad Ali

Biking to Caylabne Ternate Cavite…
Long time ago, there was a great king. He was powerful, brilliant and wealthy. He had many  accomplishments as a ruler for his country including a magnificent ‘hanging garden.’He was being adored and admired not only in his native land but around the world.

One day, he said to himself,”I am the greatest ruler in the entire planet and no one can  beat me. Who among them can create an amazing ‘hanging garden’except me? Truly indeed, I am the the greatest of them all.”

All of a sudden, a coup d’ etat occurred in his government and he was toppled from his  throne by his successor. He was held as captive and released afterward because he was found to be as mentally insane. The former king became a vagabond and beggar, eating crumbs from garbages.

As he walked around the city, he saw this awesome ‘hanging garden’ and finally,he remembered who he was. He cried as he looked on to the sky and said these words, “God, please forgive me for I became too proud and too haughty then. If you will give me another chance, I’ll make up for my mistakes. I’ll walk in humilty and will serve you the rest of my life. Truly
indeed, You alone are the greatest.”

And according to history, that king regained his power once again. And he became a righteous ruler since then.

Too many people are too proud of their accomplishments without realizing that the only  source of their talents and skills comes from God. Without Him, we are nothing and we can do nothing. We can deny His existence because we are prosperous now, but time will come like what happened to that king, we will understand. And sometimes, the hard way.

The problem with us is the word ‘I.’ ”

I am the fastest runner.

I am the most gifted and talented athlete.

I am the wisest of them all.

I am the most skillful organizer and a very influential person.

I am the best among the rest.

Without me, they can do nothing about it.

Friend, remember this: Without HIM, we are nothing. Everything we possess here on earth comes from HIM and if HE will take this away from us, we can do nothing about it.

By the way, the king I’ve mentioned above was none other than King Nebuchadnessar, once a mighty ruler of Babylon long time ago. He was being remembered as a king who was not only built the famous ‘Hanging Garden of Babylon’ but a king who had learned the hard way of humility.

Let’s learn a lesson from him and paraphrased the quotation above…

“I am the greatest” -no more but “He is the greatest.”

God be Praised!

In early life of Elihu Burritt, he began to study the ancient languages after his day’s work was done. He spent his evenings in study as faithfully as his days in work. He was a blacksmith by trade. At the age of 50, he was familiar with  many languages. He was a blacksmith by day and linguist by night. He became a noted lecturer, philanthropist, and author. What he did, others can do.




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