Stop Running Or Else…

2 09 2010

“The winning horse does not know why it runs a race. It runs because of the whip and pain. Life is a race. If you’re in pain, then clearly, God wants you to win.” -selected

With Bert, Jt, Rudy Biscocho, and my running pal, Willy Eugenio in Milo Laoag City 21k race.

My running pal sent me an sms a week ago telling he badly needed a prayer.

This wonderful guy is a long time friend of mine, a loving husband, a devout Christian and  a respected  chef in a famous 5 star hotel whose only passion for life is to run. He runs regularly and competed in many racing competitions. I was with him in Laoag City where we ran a 21 kms as he offered his house for me to stay during that time.

He said in a text message that he was in a hospital because of a very high BP (blood pressure) and cholesterol level.

I think this is not normal for a seasoned runner like him, but that’s the sad reality of life. Running can only minimize the occurrence of certain diseases. That is  why it is always a safe measure to consult a doctor regularly and listen to his advise.

Sometimes, I cannot understand life.

I have also a friend who never runs and no exercise whatsover, in his 60’s already and yet, still very strong and no ‘complication’  up to this time. On the other hand, my running pal who runs like a horse all his life only to find out that his BP and cholesterol level are not normal. And you will hear a sad admonition like this from his physician: “Stop running because you don’t know your BP rating anymore while in that state. It is better not to run than to be sorry later.”

If you’re in the position of my running pal, what will you do? Or what advise can you give him?

I sent him a reply…”Bro, I’ll pray for you. For the meantime, follow your doctor’s advise. Just walk. Have a diet. Rest. Listen to your body. But don’t stop running for it is  is our life. For if someone will take that away from us, we are dead already.”

To my running pal, Willy Eugenio and to all my friends out there who are experiencing a difficult and turbulent moments in their lives, don’t worry about the whip and pain. It will come to pass. God wants you to win. All you have to do is to continue, press on and have faith. Be healed in the Name of Jesus!

See you in Pasig River 42K race in Oct 10, 2010.

God be Praised.




One response

3 09 2010

“See you in Pasig River 42K race in Oct 10, 2010.”

is this confirmed? Are there details already?

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