Band Of Brothers, Bond Of Runners!

4 09 2010

“Sympathizers are spectators; empathizers wear game shoes.” -John Eyberg

With some of my allies, at the starting line of BDM102 Mariveles Bataan.

With biking friends in Villa Escudero Laguna.

With bikers again here in Lucban Quezon…

Running in a race will not only give you the ability to conquer distances and places, but you will have  the opportunity also to meet people and some of them will become your friends and close allies even after the race has ended. There’s a lasting bonding among these brethren who enjoy running against all odds and elements, who shared common  passion and love for this sports.

It is also true in any field of endeavors, whether in biking, swimming, chess, basketball, body building etc. As the saying goes, “Birds of same feathers flock together.” There is this attachment that is so real, passionate and unending. We rejoice with them when we hear them finish a race and succeed in life  but we weep with them  upon hearing the opposite. Although running is an individual sports, we are being attached to each other in terms of camaraderie and companionship. We are now as a TEAM, band of brothers.

At the starting line, it is like a reunion. At the finish line, there’s a great jubilation. We hug, handshake, embrace and kiss one another. The competition is always there, trying to outrun each other, but the fact will always remain -our opponent is not our brothers, for in fact, they are our strongest allies on the road. Our greatest challenge will always be in conquering distances and subduing our time, trying to improve it.

However, most runners run faster (which is not bad) as they focused  on the tasks that they need to get accomplished, but often, they neglect to make time for the people they come in contact with. The same goes in life… if you take your time with the people you meet and give them your full attention in a positive way, it will make their day. You will have added value to them. And they in return will add value to you.

And I will end with this: Treat EVERYONE you meet as the most important person on earth.

That’s it for now folks. Keep running in season and out of season.

God be Praised!




One response

6 09 2010
moji d pogi

nice…galing nman! two thumbs up for Band of Brothers…bond of Runners! ^_^
ingatz lagi…God Bless! mwah 🙂

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