Real Place In The Universe!

14 09 2010

“There is more to life than increasing its SPEED!” -Mohandas K. Gandhi

Last month, I have an opportunity to run in Tagaytay City, one of the coolest places  in Cavite and probably in the whole country as well. Aside from its  majestic view -the  Taal Volcano, Tagaytay City also has one of its tourist attractions -the Tagaytay Mini Zoo!

Located just  few kilometers from Mendez Crossing, Tagaytay Mini Zoo boasts that it’s the only zoo where you can touch their animals. I’m fascinated with those creatures, big and small. I noticed  upon entering where the lines were longest  and where people took the most time in front of the cage. I tend to walk briskly past the peacock and sheep, with a normal look at their  charisma. I noticed too that those with children, they paused to enjoy the antics of the monkeys and snakes, sometimes afraid of their craftiness. But I’ve found myself and other adults irresistibly drawn to the gorillas,  the tigers,  the crocodiles, the lions.

Why? It is because people are fascinated and amazed at staring in creatures bigger and stronger than ourselves. It gives us a timely message,  abasing and comforting, that we are not the ultimate power.

Our spirits are so hungry for that sense of amazement, our encounter with those creatures so huge and mighty which helps to remind us  of our real place in the universe. Our strength, speed and agility are no match against those creatures. It only shows that we cannot really boast of our  achievements. There is always someone better.

Our real place in this universe can be summarized by this:

1. You are here with a purpose. You are not created by an accident. You have a special task to do, a mission to fulfill.

2. You are here to serve others. Treat everyone with respect.

3. You are here to give HIM glory.

I was reminded by a great verse found in the Scripture, my favorite book of all times: “If anyone is going to boast, let him boast of what the Lord has done,and not about himself.”

See you at the road and keep the flame burning!

To God be the Glory!




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