Tougher Than Triathlon?

17 09 2010

“Blessed are the balanced; they shall outlast everyone.” -selected

In my own point of view, an athlete should not be afraid to try other kinds of Sports. This will make him more durable and tougher than the rest, with  exception of course to some. So, if you’re already a runner, then try biking and then later, swimming. This will allow your body parts to recover,  already torn and damaged during training and competition. The muscles being developed during running is different from biking, the same is true in swimming.

Just to share, when I finished my first ever Triathlon (swimming, biking and running), I’m so happy with what I achieved because  before joining that event, I’m not a good swimmer or a versatile biker. Yes, I can run 102 kms, but I don’t know how to swim or bike properly and so with proper training, I’m so elated when I reached the finishline.Those bystanders who watched us during that event admired us and it felt so good that time. Someone yelled, “Ang gagaling naman nila!” Yes, triathletes (specially those who finished Camsur’s  IronMan last month are worthy of our admiration.  In our finite minds, they will always be special kind of people -a symbol of greatness and toughness.

But did you know that there is this race which is tougher than Triathlon?

Have you heard the event “PENTATHLON? It is composed of 5 events: pistol shooting, fencing, horseback riding, running and swimming. And yes, it is one of the events in the Summer Olympics. The pentathlete’s goal is to succeed in all five areas, not just two or three. I say it is tougher than Triathlon because while we we can do running and swimming, it’s difficult to do shooting, fencing and horseback riding  -and I think, horseback riding is tougher than riding a bicycle. (not unless we’ll train for it).

So what is the point of it all? We must live a balanced life. Your life is a pentathlon of purposes which you must keep in balance. We should not only improve our physical strength (by exercising) but our mental, financial and spiritual life as well. I have known a runner who is good in running but neglects his duty to his family by providing them what they need. That is not right. The Bible says, ” Live life with a due sense of responsibility.”

When not running, biking or swimming -I also compete in Chess tournament, read good books, attend Church, and most of the times, I work in the office.

And to summarize my sharing for today… there will always be an event which is tougher than all of those I’ve mentioned, yes tougher than PENTATHLON, and that is -Living a peaceful, honest and righteous life.

“Don’t let the errors of evil people  lead you down  the wrong path and make you lose your balance.” -2 Peter 3:17

To God be the Glory!




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18 09 2010
Cheena Salas

Hi again runnerforchrist,
do you any email address of contact infomation, i cant find any link.

Godbless 🙂

19 09 2010
Cheena Salas

Hi runnerforchrist,

Good Day with the Lord!

how can i contact you. Iv read you blog about back masking. And may boss would like to contact you for our TV show.where can i possibly contact you?
heres my contact number 09274511028, or 9827777 loc 1426 at GMA 7

19 09 2010

it’s a nice sharing Sir Ronnie to leave a balance life 🙂

” Live life with a due sense of responsibility.”

Living a peaceful, honest and righteous life.

amen to that Sir !

Sir Ronnie BTW,
Im Mark Fer Castillo (In FB)
I already upload all the picture of the outreach climb in Benguet (please have time to check it)

yes sir! you can post it on your website make a blog

i can send you also a short story of the outreach & about the group also

I Know you have alot of followers …so they can see also the reality of the real world out there on the mountain, that there is still people there who need our help who doesn’t enjoy even just a simple electricity, as we enjoy almost everything here

thanks sir ronnie ! lets spread the good news!



(I can send you also a short story of the outreach & other past outreach of the group & about the group also)

20 09 2010

Hi Mark…its an honor to feature you on this blog. Kindly send your short story plus pictures here in Thank you so much. : )

20 09 2010

Hi Mam Cheena, I don’t know if I’m qualified for this. for I can’t retrieved my materials (tape etc) anymore. However, it’s a humbling experience for me to share my knowledge about this and shed light on the matter. (if ever). Sorry for late response, I do blogging only twice a week due to work load.

I’ll contact you.

God bless and thank you for dropping-by. : )

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