20 09 2010

“God led you all the way, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart.” -Deuteronomy 8:2

As I rode the bus in Buendia Roxas Boulevard going to Naic Cavite this afternoon, I have only one thing in mind: to rest and sleep. Coming from an 11 hours work in a  graveyard ship  in Makati City, I’m too tired and sleepy and I wanted a much needed rest because I’m going to run  a 33.5 kilometers tomorrow there in Naic, a place as  my new training ground. As the aircon bus slowly filled its capacity and I’m seated comfortably, I closed my eyes and said a simple prayer for  this 2 hours trip going home.

Since the bus was already full of passengers, we started our journey. However, in the stoplight in Baclaran, a helpless woman who was carrying a child  suddenly boarded the bus. All seats were taken. The woman and her child stood there for a moment. The bus revved up its engine, ready to go. And I’m hooked on my seat too for all I wanted  was to have a nice sleep and rest. I do not want to stand there in a 2 hours trip, amidst heavy traffic. But how about this woman and her little angel? Can I just ignore them? There was this internal struggle within me, the battle between being kind to the needy and being practical. As I fought my inner self  -a man, in his 50’s suddenly stood up and offered his seat to that woman and her child. What caught my attention was this man’s figure. He was using a support (cane) just to walk. He is disabled.

That moment really humbled me.

And I, as I put my hands on  my face full of shame, offered my seat to that unselfish man.

“Lord, thank you for teaching me a very special lesson today. Whatever my situations are, be it good or bad, remind me always to extend my hands on  my neighbors in need. Bless that man, whoever he is. In the eyes of the world, he is disabled…but in reality, he is more powerful than anyone else.

In Jesus Name…Amen.”




3 responses

20 09 2010

Very humbling indeed sir, a lesson that was learned the hard way 🙂

21 09 2010

Oh my, how many times do we go through these situations bro… it is always a reminder that at the center of our lives is a very selfish core that cries out “me, me, me”. May God help us continue to strive and cry out “more, more, more”, of YOU LORD!

21 09 2010

Hi Craig…yes and it broke my heart. Sometimes, God will test us during those unguarded situations. Lest we be crucified with Him, we can only show our saltiness and light. Thank you for that very nice comment. God bless bro.

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