How Can I Make A Difference Among So Many?

21 09 2010

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” -Albert Einstein

Sometime in 2008, I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong, stayed there for almost a week. What I really enjoyed in that place was not only the good ‘RUN’ during early morning in Causeway Bay, but the ‘clean surrounding and orderliness’ of that City. While there, I observed that people  were so disciplined and they strictly followed rules and regulations. No spitting, smoking ,they threw their garbage in the proper place and at the stoplight, everyone was following those traffic signals.

As I returned home, I noticed the opposite. We are not that ‘serious’ when it comes to cleanliness and following rules. We don’t care about our waste and those signals. Yes, there are campaign drives but our countrymen are not listening, with the exception of course to a few.

Someone said we need ‘teeth’ to enforce our laws, others believe we can’t make any difference.

I remembered reading a young man strolling along a beach at dawn stopped to watch an older man  pick up starfish and toss them back at the sea. The older man said he was rescuing the starfish before the hot summer sun could bake them. Sarcastically, the young man said, “There must be hundreds of starfish here. How can you make any difference?” The old gentleman looked at the starfish in his hand before throwing it into the waves. “It makes a big difference to this one “he replied.

Whether in following rules or helping those creatures or our neighbors in need, it will make a big difference.

Yes, we cannot really change the world and its corrupt system, but at least we try and abide for what is good and decent.

I will continue that good practice I’ve observed in HK and vow to live by it. I challenge you to do the same thing and let’s make a difference. Together, we can make our country a little bit cleaner and orderly. We are not only athletes aspiring to endure and run faster but a caring citizen of this Mother Earth, a protector of the environment.

We are the salt and the light. Go and make a difference!

To God be the Glory.




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