Why Runners Are Being Mocked?

28 09 2010

“Bless those who persecute you.” -The Gospel

Since joining the second edition of BDM 102 last March 2010, I’m no longer visible in any races since then. Although I registered in the Northface 100k in Baguio City, I opted to sell my race bib and singlet to a friend at  the last minute due to a personal problem. Again I tried to join the Milo 42k when another friend paid my registration fee but due to unavoidable circumstance, I was not able to participate in that race. I did my best again to be at the starting lines of PAU Rizal province and Pagudpud and lastly in Camsur, but trying times are still hindering me in doing that.

In the last 6 months, I relocated three times already and its difficult to adjust in those varying environments. But one thing is sure -I will remain as  a runner. And so literally speaking, although I’m no longer active in joining races for the last 6 months, I’m a regular runner in different places, particularly in those remotest area where there seems to be  no runners at all. Take for instance, in one place here in Cavite, I can hear those bystanders telling silly jokes about me while I’m approaching their post. The best reaction to their sarcastic feedback is just to ignore them, because they can’t really understand why we RUN in such a way. They don’t believe we can run a 10 kms, how much more if they will hear  us finishing a 102 kms or a 24 hours run?

Not unless your training ground is in The Fort or in MOA or in Roxas Blvd, you will be hearing many of those bawdy comments from those people who don’t know about running. I can still remember two instances in a race where a fistfight almost occurred between those watchers and my running pals because the former mocked vehemently the latter – in Milo half marathon in Batangas City and in QCIM 42k last year. If not for the intervention of some marshals, that  running race could have been altered into  a boxing match.

While I can’t blame my running pals during that time because maybe they were so tired and already  irked by those negative comments, they must be careful not to lose their temper. Remember, we are always on the street and we are visible and prone to any retaliation. The rule of the thumb is -make friends and no enemies while running. That is for our safety. In order for us to enlarge our territory, we must deal those sarcastic jokes thrown at us as a good sign  because in their point of view, we are different. Why different? Because they simply cannot RUN the way we are doing.

There  are so many reasons why we are being mocked but I can only say one thing -Deep inside them, they want to be like us, but they can’t.  All they can do is to watch us, walk a little bit  but they will collapse if they will run. And what will you expect them to say while they see you running?

Just give them a smile. Maybe someday, they will join you because of your warm feet and a cold temper.

To God be the glory!




4 responses

28 09 2010

nice post!
I share the same lament….
I am also from Cavite- and the safest running route for me is the island cove.
Where nobody cares of what I do.
I heard that Daang Hari is now being populated by fellow runners…I am hoping to try it soon.


28 09 2010

While still living in Laguna, my destination once a week was to run there in Daang Hari where you can see galore of runners and bikers, but only during weekends only.

Thanks for for dropping by Joy. I added you already on the list of my blogroll.


28 09 2010

How true. That’s actually one reason why I don’t really enjoy running on major roads and why I prefer quieter subdivisions (those that don’t require ID or anything). Plus, the lack of sidewalks doesn’t really help much. Thanks for your post, though. Next time someone mocks me, I’ll just remember what you said.

5 10 2010

Qamatis>Thanks for a nice comment and good input : )

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