Take The Gentle Path

15 11 2010

“We are all pilgrims on the same journey- but some pilgrims have better road maps.” -Nelson DeMille


When you run, which way would you prefer, the rough road or the gentle path?

I’ll choose the gentle path not only because it is less injurious but it is also more  captivating and satisfying. Not unless you want to prove something, running on a gentle path is only the logical way to take your course.

The same is also true in our daily living. We must take the gentle path -living harmoniously with our neighbors, making every body our friends and allies as much as possible. Although we can’t please every body, we should be the channel of peace and reconciliation if there are stripes and enmity in our midst. It’s so nice to live if you have no enemies.

The gentle path could also mean ‘taking yourself lightly.’ We must have a good sense of humor because laughter is a good medicine. If you commit mistake, move on with it. Learn to accept yourself in spite of all your errors. Don’t be too hard on yourself  by condemning those past actions which eventually led to your downfall.

Or rest after a a very demanding job.

I’ve learned from my past mistakes and  made a commitment that I’ll never put myself  on the wrong side of life again. My path before was a rough road- full of risks, danger and sin. Until one day, God literally took me out of that danger zone. It was too painful at first but as time goes by, I realized that it was for my own good. God revived my sagging spirit and now, I can boldly say that I’m at peace with myself, with my world and will take the gentle path from now on.

By the way…

Congratulations to all who have joined the PAU T2N. Races will not cease. It will linger and  stay for a long, long time. Now, you have seen your capacity as Ultra-runner, time to relax. Remember, always take the gentle path.

God be Praised!




One response

16 11 2010
Julie @ Hotlegs Runner

Agreeing with everything. Most esp numbers 5 and 10! =)

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