After Running A 102K,Can I Still Run An Additional 49k?

20 11 2010

You have to think  that you can’t quit. Your brain wants to quit, but you have to fight it. It has nothing to do with speed and everything to do with finishing. ” -Abe Weintraub, 90 yrs old runner who completed nine New York City Marathons while in his 80’s


When I joined and finished the 1st and the 2nd BDM 102k last 2009 and 2010 respectively within the cut-off time, I cried when I reached the finish line in both occasions. It was tears of joy because I was able to conquer my limits then. It was the longest distance known to man here in our country wherein we subdued it by means of running.

Now, it’s no longer a 102K. But a fearful and a more daring 151K.

I can still remember when I reached the finish line for both 102K – I’m so tired, so hungry, so sleepy, so lapsed and in pain. My mind can still go on but my feet, oh boy, they were so damned painful, with blisters all over, cramps and swelling, full of agony. It was a torment so severe. I can’t describe it.

Now, forget about 102k. I knew I can finish it. But the question is, can I still go on with additional 49K under time pressure considering all the pain I’ve mentioned earlier?

My last 2 months of training will focus on that. Although in our training, no one can do a 102 in a single day not unless somebody will try it.

I have an action plan for this, but for the mean time, I’ll gradually increase my distance. Injury prevention is very important for what’s the use of your intense training if you’ll be injured along the process?

I will avoid two common errors for this gargantuan event…under training and over training. Still, I will choose moderation. Slowly but surely.

To answer my question above, It is YES! If not by running, by walking. And If I can’t walk, I will CRAWL!

But for sure…the last 49K will be the toughest.

But as Joan of Arc said it, “I am not afraid…I was born to do this.” And so, that will be my mantra for this event.

See you at the road my friend.

God be Praised!




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