How To Survive An Ultra-Marathon? Tip#1: Mind Setting!

23 11 2010

“When you have a strong belief in your actions and desire to succeed,  NOTHING can stop you.” – runnerforchrist

The day when I received this singlet “1,000 km club’ from one of my idols in running, BALDRUNNER in this photo taken last year. BALDRUNNER is the organizer of BDM Ultra-marathon and PAU races.

When I finished my 1st and 2nd BDM 102k and another 100K in Botak, the number one thing that helped me in achieving that is the process called “mind setting.”

For me, this is the most important factor, to think of this event every day making it a part of my daily thought and imagination.

To help me do that, I list down things  to motivate me in achieving my goal:

I used to display the singlet, race bib, trophy , pictures, medal and any memorabilia in a place where I can easily see it once I wake up in the morning so that it can remind me of what I wish to achieve in the next 4 months.

I’m also using the social network -Facebook, to shout out my thoughts and rumblings about this event.

I shared  it on my friends, whether they are runners or not.

I dream about it not only at night but also during the day when I’m widely awake.

I imagine and feel it.

During running sessions, I see myself not just on training mode, but picture myself competing already.

Since running an ultra-marathon is not an easy task, your mind setting or attitude must be tough.

When you’re at KM 80, running against all elements and your body is too tired, your feet with galore of blisters, there’s only one thing that can help you (other than God), your mental toughness!

Reading a book that deals with ‘positive thinking’ approach can also help and of course, the Holy Bible.

Saturate your mind with plenty of good thoughts and encouragement.

Stay away from negative people.

Use upbeat words.

Apply regularly a ‘mental shampoo’ to cleanse your thoughts from any doubts.

Remember, it is all in the mind. What you think, then that will happen to you.

Think that you’re already at KM 151 – and that will happen. : )

See you in the QCIM 42k this coming Dec. 5, 2010.

God be praised!











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