The Untouchables!

26 11 2010

“The really great man is the man who makes every man feel great.” -selected


Last week while running in a very comfortable pace, I noticed a beggar on the street asking for alms.  Since I don’t normally bring money while running, I gave him my food (wheat bread with peanut butter) placed inside my NB hydration belt.

As I left that place, I heard him say words of gratitude, which was music to my ears. I don’t know how many people helped that old man that sunny day, but I’m glad I did something good for him. I don’t want to brag about it but my sharing for today deals with this topic – the UNTOUCHABLES of the society.

Let me tell you this true to life story, written by Harold Sala in his book ‘Today Counts.”

Jim Towey had always wanted to meet Mother Teresa and so she  invited him to visit her “Home of the Dying.”

Upon his arrival at the home, he told the home director that he was there by invitation of Mother Teresa and was there to see the work. Disregarding his white shirt and tie, the home director handed him some cotton swabs and a bottle of disinfectant. “Here,” she said, “go clean the man with scabies in bed forty-six.”

Jim tells of this experience, “There wasn’t a slightest bit of me that wanted to touch any body sick and dying.” He expected to be taken through the home  as a VIP since he was being endorsed by a politician, then he would just leave  some money and walk away from the unpleasant sights. But Jim was too proud to refuse, so he found bed forty-six and cleansed the dying man’s infected flesh.

That experienced changed his life and his outlook on the suffering of humanity. J im eventually invested his entire life in the currency of heaven.

Don’t let your pace hinders you in helping those untouchables on the street. Once in a while, learn to stop and give something for them. We may not be able to meet Mother Teresa in person and visit her ‘Home of The Dying” but there are many beggars on the street who die daily because no one seems  to stop and help.

With a cotton swabs or a piece of bread, we can make them happy, at least for  awhile.

Yes, when we touch the untouchables, we reach the very heart of God.

See you in the QCIM 42K on Dec. 5, 2010.

God be Praised!





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