The 2nd QCIM 42K Recap Part 1!

7 12 2010

“A lot of people run a race to see who’s the fastest. I run to see who has the most guts.” –Steve Prefontaine, running legend and 1972 Olympian

Coming from work, I arrived in the starting area at around 3:35 am.  Tired and with little sleep, I tried to rest on a lighted area near the baggage counter but I’m just wandering why my buddy Romy Irevera was still not yet around.  He’s from Laguna and I’m from Cavite but I already sent him his bib and other accessories. He confirmed in one of his sms that he will come for this race.

The race started just on time and I have no trouble with my pace. As I’ve said in one of my shout outs  in FB, I have no time target for this one but to finish it within the cut-off period of 7 hours. This is my first race in 9 months (After BDM 102) and I considered it as my ‘long run’ only.

For a change, I didn’t bring in my hydration belt, power bars or any food, arm warmer and sun glasses. I only have  a small belt bag which contains my wallet, Company ID and cellphone with camera just to document this event. I really wanted to bask in the sun but unfortunately, that day was cloudy except for the last 5 kms of that race.

At the starting line and along the road, I’ve met my closest allies and fellow ultra-runners. It was fun chatting with them even for short period. I have never seen them for almost a year and yet their words were so encouraging. I’ll have a separate topic on that  on my next  blog entry.

At the starting line…

With Ultra-runner Abet Henson (Sorry bro, picture too blurred)

The route was different from last year and the 2nd edition  was easier, I thought. I reached Km 10  in 1 hr and 5 mins with still plenty of strength to spare. At  Km30 I had some fun along the way with Ultra-runners Ralph, George and Mylene. We took several photographs in the middle of Commonwealth Ave (I will download pictures next time). That incident took away some precious time but I don’t care for it was a once in a lifetime experience. Who can imagine that you can be in the middle of one of the busiest roads  in the  country? Well, only in running.

In playful mode…Approaching KM 30. Thanks Ultra-runner Ralph for this photo.

Ultra-runner Ralph (Pacer for 5:30)

With Ultra-runners George and Mylene…

For the boys…

This was my moment…

1 km to go and it’s over…

At the finish line with an official time of 5:45:23, 493rd overall.Kudos also to Romy with a time of 4:29, 162nd overall. I saw his name and mine in the QCIM website.

I’ll tell more stories about this race next time.

Again, thank you to Dave de Leon…without him, we cannot join this race. We owe you one Sir! : )

Until next time…

To God be the Glory!




3 responses

8 12 2010
run unltd.

Good to run with you again Ronnie. Until next time.

12 12 2010
Luis Arcangel

Mukhang in-form tayo Sir Ronnie ah 🙂 BDM 160!

25 12 2010

just passing through po..; congrats sir!

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