Speed Is Not Always The Best Policy!

17 12 2010

“A runner who conquers  distances is mighty but he who conquers  his temper is mightier.” -RFC


Many parts of the world seem to be obsessed with speed. We are living in an era  where ‘fast’ would beat ‘best.’ We are always in a hurry and the word ‘patience’ is sometimes being set aside. We go in a  fast food chain rather than a restaurant. We prepare food in an instant and we want it fast. We don’t want to fall in line in a supermarket or in any atm booth.  We got bored standing in queue,  getting mad if if someone from behind overtook us, getting our slot.

And in running? We are always talking about PR. Speed is always at the bottom line. But sometimes, speed is not always the best policy whether in running or in any sports or in life.


In the Bible, Peter warned in the last days people would doubt God because it seems HE is slow (slack) in fulfilling His promises to return. Peter pointed out, however, that this seeming slowness is a good thing. God is actually demonstrating His patience by giving people more time to repent. He is patient too and slow to anger.

We too must be slow. Slow to become angry and slow to speak. Quickness is reserved for our ears. We are supposed to be quick to listen but to slow down our tempers.

I want to become an elite runner with a specialty in patience. But if I can’t go with speed, I’ll lavish myself with temperance.

See you at the road.

God be Praised!










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