Fat Ass 24 Hrs Run: From the Usual To The Magical!

11 01 2011

“You can never be sure. That’s what makes (ultra) marathon both fearsome and fascinating. The deeper you go into the unknown, the more uncertain you become. But then you finish. And you wonder later, ‘How did I do that?’ This question compels you to keep making the journey from the usual to the magical.” -Joe Henderson, American runner, running coach, and writer


I decided to join the 2nd edition of Fat Ass 24 hours Run because I enjoyed the first edition last year and I want to experience once again the joy/pain of running/walking in one day. You can never do this in your training program not unless you have the determination and your concentration is intact. Running in Fat Ass is a great priviledge because it is free, place is great, no pollution, ambiance so cool, with complete amenities, abundant food/liquid supplies and most of all, you’re in a company of ultra-runners and running addicts nationwide. It is like a great reunion of running legends and legends wanna -be. If there will  be a Running ‘Hall of Fame’ for this country in the future, the nominees must be selected from this small group of people- for here, we run not for fame and glory, profit and gain…but simply we run because we love to run- the longest, the better.

This race is not only about conquering a 24 hours time limit, but here, your temperance of running the same route over and over again will be tested. No runners want to run the same route and once you finished this Fat Ass race, you can overcome  another obstacle-over familiarity of your surroundings. Yeah, I can still remember the scene in Botak 100 kms Ultramarathon (solo) last year, in Marikina riverbanks, where I ran 4 loops (7 kms per loop) during the last 30k of the race. That was one of the most difficult and agonizing events of my career. Thanks for Fat Ass, now I’m comfortable running in the same loop and 47 loops is no joke.

Although I was not able to do my gameplan 100%, I would say I completed 95% of my goal. My action plans are: no sleep and no rest. But I rested 2x both with 15 minutes each and sleep for almost 30 minutes for I’m too sleepy then. I can’t control my eyes. My strategy of running 1.1 kms and then briskly walking the remaining 1.1 kms or vice versa  is a huge success for I was able to surpass my record last year of 43 loops equivalent to 94.6 kms to 47 loops this year or 103.4 kms.

Here are my  facts/records/figures  for this event:

– I ate my brunch in the nearest 711 convenience store  with their rice meal of tapsi and take out another one which I later consumed in the afternoon. I also made ‘my first call of nature’ there. My heartful thanks to the guard on duty who allowed me to use their C.R.

– I brought in with me ample supplies of food, drinks, nuts, chocolates, bread, fruits, sweets but I forgot a very essential one -SALT!

– My adidas KOTR yellow singlet failed me that time, I have bruises/chaff on my right arm.

-I only used my Timex Heart rate monitor for only 2 hours.

– I forgot my first BDM singlet (white long sleeve).

– It was colder this year than last year.

–  No cheaters for this race as well as pacers. : 0

– Foods galore including drinks. Fiesta Boys were so happy! : ) including me.

– Bugobugo motivated me to make a 47 loops.

– I love to see Albert aka run2dmoon as he was being chased by Bugobugo. You two rocks!

– Cesar Abarrientos was my favorite runner for that event. I enjoyed our chat and his joke regarding his wife. Nice one parekoy : )

– I envied the body of Baldrunner. He ran half-naked and at his age, you will be ashamed. Speaking of 6 abs : 0

– A Japanese national asked me questions regarding this race at around 5pm, and he can’t believe when I told him that we’re running 24 hours straight.

– Ric Cabusao and George Dolores spared a part of their meals for me. And Jonel too offered his stuff. Thanks brothers.

– Camilla Brooks was the RUNNER for that event. I salute her strength. (dalaga pa ba sya? joke : ))

– I completely stopped running/walking at 5:13 am, still with 47 minutes to go simply because I’m too already tired.

-Team CLARK did it once again.  To all ‘PASIMUNO’ and Committee de Festejos, muy bien and hasta la vista baby! : ) Kudos!

– Again, a million thanks to my bosom friend, Ultra-runner, triathlete, macho gwapito Caloy Nobleza and his loving wife, pretty Fa’ar Nobleza. (Di bola yan ha?) : )

Indeed, running a 24 hours was a magical experience. From the usual to extra-ordinary.

I’m glad to be a part, once again.

My journey will never be easy. It is hard and very challenging but full of magic or miracles.

See you in Fat Ass next year and my target? 55 loops or 121 kms.

God bless you as you become a blessing.









6 responses

11 01 2011

– erratum: I completely stopped running/walking at 5:13 am, still with 47 minutes to go simply because I’m too already tired…it should be because I’m too tired already… : ) tired pa din ako til now hehe

11 01 2011

good job, ronnie! keep on running, my friend!

11 01 2011
Caloy N.

Pleasures is on us, Ron:-) See you end Jansury & see you at the BDM 160!:-) God bless!

12 01 2011
30 01 2011

Caloy> its my pleasure to run and be with you again…See you at the road my friend.

30 01 2011

BR> nice seeing you in Fat Ass, keep inspiring us. God bless.

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