Tips In Conquering A 100K – 102K Ultramarathon!

14 01 2011

“Most mistakes in a race are made in the first two minutes, perhaps in the very first minute.” -Jack Daniels

Finishing Ultramarathons will make one proud, but not arrogant.

Here are some useful tips in achieving such feat, based on my experiences as I conquered a 102k and another 100k (BDM102  and BOTAK100 in just two months. Note: I DNFed TNF100, a very tough trailrun)

1. Be fit  and healthy. Before I registered, I sought first for a  ‘go signal’ from  reputable Cardiologists and Orthopedics. Joining an Ultramarathon without it is risky. You’re inviting danger to yourself. Remember: It’s not a 10k or 21k. Don’t do it just because your friend will do it. You must be 100% Okay before doing it.

2. RECON the place. Have or develop a mental picture of the entire loop.

3. Be very patient. Run a slow pace and reserve your strength. This  race will start after you’ve ran the first 50k so you must be very, very patient. Avoid the rush if you can’t sustain it.

4. Train as much as possible on the same race course.

5. Be mentally prepared to stay out there for 17 to 18 hours. But if you’re an elite runner, you can finish it in just 9 hours.

6. Be prepared. Follow your training program religiously. There must be at least one 25k, 35k, 42k and upto 60k in your schedule. You must run in the evening or in the mid day, rain or shine.

7. Eat, drink, and (try to) be merry. During a race, eat everything that worked for you during your training runs. Drink every liquids available and try to be happy. Remember: it’s a tough race and there’s should be no more room for frowning. Smile a lot, even when it hurts.

8. Take breaks but not too long. A short pause under a shady tree or a quick brunch will make you stronger. A walk can relax those swollen muscles.

9. Don’t be intimidated. There are times that you will be lagging behind but  keep your pace. In the end, you will be able to outrun some.

10. Unless it’s a major injury or a life threatening case, DON’T QUIT!

11. Inspire yourself.  Your mind can always do more than you think you can.

12. Race yourself, not others. Forget the competition for a while because the training and friends you make in ultrarunning are the real payoffs, the race itself can almost be secondary in importance.

I’m encouraging all of you to join the 3rd edition of  Bataan Death March 160k Ultramarathon this coming Feb. 26-27, 2011 and experience it for yourself.

If you believe ‘running’ is good, why not try the extreme?

God be Praised!




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