Game Plan For An Ultra-Running!

15 01 2011

“I will always listen to my coaches. But first I listen to my body. If what they tell me suits my body, great. If my body doesn’t feel good with what they say, then always my body comes first.” -Haile Gebreselassie


Let me repost my gameplan for my first ever BDM 102k last 2009. For newbies on this event, I hope you can get something valuable from this post since I am a living example that If you will stick to your game plan, you can do it.

Have a nice day reading. : )


My plan is to arrive early in Mariveles Bataan where  km 0 is located , the race will start at 12 midnight. We will either rest and sleep there in the van or If we could find an affordable inn, we will rent it at least for a day. Good news is, we have a driver…so we will be having a convoy during the entire race.

Now, my game plan is plain and simple. Since this is my first ever ultramarathon, there will be no time target for as long as I can finish this race within the cut-off time of 18 hours! I will just feel what it like to be in the ultramarathon race, and I will take away any pressure by setting a time target.

I will be bringing-in with me during the entire race my camera and I will take pictures of those milestones of almost 15 towns that I’m going to conquer. I’m thrilled to subjugate the following towns and their respective barangays:

1) Mariveles Bataan

2) Cabcaban Bataan

3) Limay Bataan

4) Orion Bataan

5) Pilar Bataan

6) Balanga Bataan

7) Abucay Bataan

8) Samal Bataan

9) Orani Bataan

10) Hermosa Bataan

11) Dinalupihan Pampanga

12) Lubao Pampanga

13) Guagua Pampanga

14) Bacolor Pampanga

15) San Fernando Pampanga

Whew!!! 15 different places in one single race. Could anyone beat that?

Depending as the need arises, I will run the entire race in 9-10 minutes per kilometer pace, with 4 times 15 minute rest. (call of nature, breakfast, lunch and time for  prayer).

Upon reaching km 60, I will brisk walk every 5 kilometer for 2-3 minutes as my active recovery.

I will try to smile often (hehehe) during the entire race!

Siesta time? Why not? If I still have enough time (Although I don’t think it’s advisable).

The danger zone in this race is from 12 midnight until 5:30am…Since all of the participants are new to this place,  runners can disturb those “Askals or Asong Kalye” and they can feast on us left and right.

2 days left…and I’ll be facing one of the biggest monsters in my career as a runner, I’m glad to look in that monster face to face, staring at him defiantly…for I know, with God’s help I can overcome him!

20 years from now, this race will no longer be a hot item as it is today, but I can valiantly tell my own story to my children and grandchildren…that I’m one of the pioneers of the first ever Ultramarathon in our country, and I’m proud to be a part of it!

To all brave runners of Bataan 102, see you there this coming Saturday!

God bless us all!


“Lord, Do not forsake me when my strength fails.” -Psalm 71:9




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