25 01 2011

“As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow. ”  -A. C. Benson


A lot of things about life are mysteries. Death is like that. No one has ever come back and told us what it’s about, so it remains a distinct mystery, a riddle, an enigma. So is the sea. It’s strange marriage to the moon that control its tide continue to be in the poet’s mind a great, constant, moving mystery.

So are the spaces above us. Who can fathom the mysterious movement of that masterful piece of time that stays on track continually, 24 hours a day,  365 days a year. If we look enough through a telescope, our eyes bug out against the lens and our mouths drop open as we try  to fathom the mystery of the spaces above us.

Consider also the invisible world around us that can be seen only through the lens of a microscope. Whether it’s telescopic or microscopic. Life seems to be shrouded in mystery. Did you realize that if an electron could be increased in size until it becomes as large as an apple, and if human being could be increased by the same proportion, that person could hold the entire solar system in the palm of his hand and would have to use the magnifying glass  in order to see it?

Not all mysteries are as profound as that. Many are somewhere between  just baffling and humorous.

Take for example the mystery of washing machine. You can put in twelve  perfectly matched pair of socks and in some phenomenal, mysterious manner, you can pull out eight socks, none of which match anything. Try it!

Here is also the  mystery of traffic lanes. The mystery is that every lane you get into slows down. Who can explain it?

Also the mystery of a repairman. Your appliance gives you trouble for two weeks. You finally hurry up one morning to get into him. It runs perfectly as the repairman scratches his head, wondering why you even brought that stuff to him.

The mystery of waking up in the morning. Without any alarm clock, I just told myself that I need to wake up at exactly 7am and it’s done.

In the work place, there’s this mystery called constant caller  before my break time. There’s no call for almost one hour and all of a sudden,  phone rings one   or  two minutes before my break time.

Consider also this mystery: When you have a wound or an injury, it is being hit most of the times.

And in running? Well, irregardless of how tired and lapsed  you are, you have always the strength to run stronger and in good form  when you are about to reach the finish line. Who can explain it?

And there is another mystery as I end my sharing for today. Here it is:

“A woman is always a mystery: one must not be fooled by her face and her hearts inspiration.”

That quotation was written by Edmondo de Amicis.

That’s it for today, friend.

See you at the road.

God be Praised!






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