Don’t Complain Please!

27 01 2011

“I don’t think I’m really in a situation to complain, because I consider myself to be privileged to be doing what I do.” –David Beckham

Who is exempted from complaining? I think all of us are guilty in doing this kind of bad attitude. We focus on ourselves and magnify our problems resulting to self-pity totally  neglecting  the sad condition of the people  around us.

Let me tell you a short story taken from the book  ‘Light For The Blind’ by Jack Cooper…

Messed up with so many problems in life, a doctor was complaining about his sad fate. One day, a mother and her child walked into his office. They didn’t have an appointment, but certainly they had a sweet spirit. They asked the doctor if he could give them a little bit of help. And he said, “Sure, what can I do?” The mother answered , “Well, my son’s plastic eye needs to be polished. There’s a scratch on it. Could you take care of that?” The doctor said, “Certainly.” He took it to the wheel and cleaned it up, honed it, brought it back. And the mother  said again, “Could I trouble you with just one more request?” “Sure.” “Could you do the other eye as well? It’s also scratched.” And the doctor said, when he went to the backroom, he uttered, “Lord, I’ll never complain again.” He took the polished eye back to the boy, fit it into the eye, and the pair walked away with a cheerful spirit.

Maybe in that story, the doctor was not aware that the boy was totally blind. He was complaining about so many issues of life but here was a boy in front of him who can’t even see and yet he was  happy.

Next time, if you have big problems, look around you. There are so many people out there who are in dire need and you are more blessed than them. Stop complaining.

Let this be our prayer for today…”Lord, I’ll never complain again.”

See you at the road my friend.

God be Praised!




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