Skyway 42K:Recap!

10 02 2011

“Running is a passion for me. I like to set new challenges for myself. The cool thing is, it’s something you do yourself. I don’t have 10 other guys blocking for me. I would love to have 10 other guys out there blocking for me, but it doesn’t work that way. It’s all about you.” – Roger Craig, Former NFL running back

Feb 6, 2011, Sunday 330am until 9am, Skyway

Condura Skyway Marathon was a huge a success. Thanks to Concepcion brothers,  Mr. Organizer and the people behind this gargantuan event for providing us the best Marathon so far for this year. From water supplies, marshals, route, time schedule, freebies/novelties, medal, everything is almost perfect.

I enjoyed my pace from km 0 until km 42. No hurry as I reached the finish line, my 14th full marathons so far and my 2nd for this year. This was my last long run prior to BDM 160K on Feb. 26, 2011. I just did a consistent 0:8:30/km which is safe in finishing a 160K for a cut-off time of 30 hrs.

As expected, I reached the finish line in less than 6 hrs…to be exact it’s 5:36:03 Official Time, ranked 769th out of 1123 finishers. Not bad since I joined this race with a little rest coming from a graveyard shift.

Let me acknowledge these people; They are my angels for this event.

-Bienvenido Soberano for allowing me to use his Bib Number, thank you Sir.

-Moji de luna. This woman brought me the bib number.

-Ultra-runner George Dolores, for providing me power bar when I’m craving for food at km 25.

-Vener Roldan, Jinoe Gavan, Rene Villarta for taking a picture of me along the route.

-San Pedro runners.

It was nice to see familiar faces in the running community, Ultra-runners, marathoners, newbies, triathletes, mountaineers, paddlers…people with great passion for running. Indeed, that day was special for once again, we conquered Skyway without any other means -only with our feet. At one point, I saw some of my Ultra-running friends running ‘barefoot’ in the Skyway. It was so unique I envied them for not doing the same thing, even for a while.

This is why running is so good for there’s no particular set of rules to follow. As long as you don’t cheat, you can do everything to make it fun, enjoyable and interesting.

After that Marathon, I rested for 2 days and I resumed running again Wednesday afternoon for a good 7K, tempo run. No pain whatsoever.

Thank You Lord for giving me the strength and the will to survive once again.

All the Glory I bring back to You.

See you at the road.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  The most consistently endearing human trait is warmth. Everybody responds  to the person who radiates  friendliness from a serene core. Such people are lovely  to be around because they don’t reject  or belittle and, best of all, they bring out the best, the most generous qualities  in the people they encounter.” -Barbara Walters







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