To The Rescue

25 02 2011

“When I was nine, I had this girlfriend and we used to have running races in the park. I wanted to be like Superman and fly and rescue her.” –Orlando Bloom

I am enjoying watching “Smallville” series in dvd.  A co-worker lent me seasons 1-4 and each season has 23 episodes. Run-time for each episode is approximately 40-50 minutes and so I have to spend the whole day (rest day) just to watch  one season.

I’m already at the season 4, episode 7 but way to go…for Smallville has up to ten seasons.

But it’s worth watching!

What I like most in this series is the way Clark Kent controls his power and he never took advantage of his strength for personal interest or gratification. His humility and integrity makes him the real Superman, not just his superb ability. He even help his enemies and will only harm his opponents if it’s needed but no intention of killing them.

The twist, betrayal, plot, struggle, strong family ties and his roller-coaster relationships with Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan enabled me to stay that long watching this series and still wanting for more.

The world needs a Superman who will always be there to rescue the people in need, but alas, it is only a sci-fi story.

But one good thing about this series is the fact that in so many times of his battle against notorious elements of the Smallville town, Clark Kent needs to be rescued too by his small group of friends who knew his secret identity. As we all knew, Superman has a weakness and can’t withstand the stigma of a green ‘kryptonite’. Without his real friends, Superman too can’t survive.

I think there’s a lesson here.

We can’t live alone for no man is an island. We need the value of real friends who will stay on our side during the turbulent times of our lives. Without them, we too can’t survive. Even if you’re strong, rich, intelligent…nothing can replace a true friend.

See you at the road my friend.

God be Praised!


Some of us remembered  the heartache connected with a family when their son was kidnapped. They didn’t know it , but the boy was murdered. They were required to give P2,000,000 ransom to get the boy back. They paid the money and they found the boy’s corpse.

You may have read also about another family, the father paid P8,000,000 for his nine year old son  to be returned to them. That’s a ransom for a rescue.

And  popular singer and actor, several years ago, paid a ransom to rescue his son. The son was rescued for $240,000.

Those people paid the price  so as to gain rescue from bondage. That is what Christ did. He paid the price and rescued us from bondage.



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