Sunday Special: Spiritual Audit…

5 03 2011


1. Am I content with who I am becoming? Every day I get one day closer to who I will ultimately be. Am I satisfied with who this will be?

2. Am I becoming less religious and more spiritual? The difference: I can control religion, while spirituality controls me.

3. Does my family recognize the authenticity of my spirituality? If I am growing spiritually, my family will recognize it.

4. Do I have a flow-through philosophy? As a Christian I am to let the blessings flow through me to others.

5. Do I have a quiet center to my life? There is an important difference between the fast track and the frantic track. Peace is the evidence of God.

6. Have I defined my unique ministry? Unless you know the things you can do uniquely well, you end up doing many mediocre things just to please others.

7. Is my prayer life improving? One test is: Do my decisions have prayer as an integral part, or do I make decisions out of my desires and then pray?

8. Have I maintained genuine awe of God? Awe inspires, overwhelms, intimidates my humanness, and inspires worship.

9. Is my humility genuine? Two definitions of humility I like: “Humility is accepting your strength with gratitude,” and “Humility is not denying the power that you have but admitting the power comes through you, not from you.”

10. Is my spiritual feeding the right diet for me? My spiritual reading time is “a feeding time.” It must be fitted to my needs.

11. Is obedience in small matters built into my reflexes? Obedience largely determines my relationship with Christ.

12. Do I have joy? Joy is promised me, if the relationship with Christ is right.




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