14 04 2011

Idolatry is anything that diverts our attention and devotion to GOD.

We now live in an idolatrous world that worships practically anything: celebrities, hobbies, jobs, sports, money, cars and other possessions. Many of us exert all our energy, time and money into these things that we no longer have room for GOD. Once we discard GOD, we therefore strip ourselves of HIS grace and later become pagans in our own way of life and the laws of evil will start to rule.

Sadly but true, Christians are now waging a battle against widespread secularism, materialism, greed, sex, drugs, different vices, power-worship and many more.

Each of us is therefore called to live a victorious Christian life amidst an idolatrous environment.

Let us therefore continue being the salt of the earth so that others will see the difference serving a true living GOD. HIS word will always prevail and remain powerful (Acts 19:20).





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