My Personal Records…(Events and time)


42kms medal 2007 Pasig International Marathon

42 kms Medal 2008 Pasig International Marathon

Another shot, my 2 priceless Possession

42 kms 2008 Milo marathon




My Ultramarathon 102 kms medal…



My ultramarathon 102 kms. trophy!

Another shot of My medal for Milo 42 kms

1. 4/30/06-CABUYAO 5k -33m27s

2 5/13/06-SAN PEDRO 10k 47m11s

3. 5/21/06- STA. ROSA 5k 31m10s

4. 5/28/06- NEW BALANCE global city 10k 54m10s

5. 11/21/06 SM STA. ROSA 10k 58m5s

6. 12/3/06 YAKULT LUNETA 16k 1h38m

7. 1/21/07 STO.NINO SAN PEDRO LAGUNA 10k 50m42s

8. 2/4/07 MILO BATANGAS CITY 21k 2h3m

9. 2/11/07 ADIDAS BAGUIO CITY 10k 59m12s

10. 2/18/07 SAN PEDRO 10k 54m27s

11. 2/25/07 PHIL.INTL MARATHON PASIG CITY 42k 5h1m (458th over all)

12. 3/11/07 ADIDAS MANILA 10k 47m4s

13. 4/8/07 NR. JOAQUIN 10k 56m11s

14. 4/15/07 WALLED CITY INTRAMUROS 10k 51m42s

15. 4/28/07 ROSARIO 8k 42m


17. 5/13/07 RUNNEX U.P DILIMAN 16k 1h26m


19. 7/1/07 ADIDAS FINALS MANILA 21k 2h2m

20. 7/22/07 MILO ELIMINATION 10k 1h2m

21. 7/29/07 MT.MAKILING LOS BANOS LAGUNA 10k 59m22s

22. 8/26/07 U.P DILIMAN 10km 55m

23. 9/23/07 MILO SAN PABLO LAGUNA 21km 2h49m (due to stomach pain)

24. 10/9/07 BINAN LAGUNA 5km 26m

25. 10/14/07 SAN PEDRO LAGUNA 10km 53m22s 2nd placer age category with medal.

26. 10/27/07 ADIDAS RUN FOR LOVE MOA 10 kms. mall of asia 57m 23s

27. 11/11/07 NEW BALANCE CLARK PAMPANGA 25 kms. 2h37m

28. 11/25/07 ANIMO RUN MOA-10 kms-56m17s

29. 1/26/08 SAN PEDRO (SPTUSA)-10 kms-44m14s

30. 2/3/08 MILO BATANGAS CITY -21 kms-1hour 56 mins

31. 2/17/08 BRGY. NUEVA AN PEDRO-10 kms-34m10secs

32. 2/24/08 -PHIL. INTL MARATHON PASIG CITY-42 kms-5h3m

33. 3/9/08-AFP/DND VILLAMOR AIRBASE-21 kms 1h50m

34. 3/30/08-MIZUNO INFINITY RUN GLOBAL CITY-15kms-1h26m

35. 4/5/08-ULIRAN RUN-10kms-san vicente-52m2s

36. 6/12/08-SAN ANTONIO SAN PEDRO-10kms-38m22s

37. 6/29/08-OLYMPIC DAY RUN MOA-10 kms-46m27s

38. 7/6/08-MANILA MARATHON-21 kms-1h59s


40. 8/3/08-MILO MARATHON 42 KMS LUNETA-5h7m

41. 8/10/08-ATTY.ROY ALMORO RUN-10KMS-46h45m

42. 8/17/08-MENSHEALTH 10,000KM MIRACLE RUN-Global city-10KM-47m23s

43. 9/14/08-7TH MT.MAKILING CHALLENGE-u.p los banos-10KM-1h14m

44. 9/21/08-MILO LAOAG CITY-21KMS-2h3m

45. 10/12/08-ADIDAS KOTR 21 KMS-2h6m

46. 11/23/08-LASALLE ANIMO RUN 10 KMS-MOA-51m46s

47. 12/07/08-YAKULT-16 KMS-1h24m34s

48. 12/21/08-TAKBO SA KABUNDUKAN-21 KMS-1h59m

49. 1/18/09-THE NORTHFACE-21 kms-2 hours

50. 1/24/09-STO.NINO-10 KMS-44m46s

51. 2/15/09-MILO BATANGAS CITY-21 KMS-1h55m46secs

52. 2/28/09-AMADEO CAVITE-10KMS-52m34s

53. 3/22/09-CONDURA SKYWAY RUN-21KMS-222 OVERALL-1h54m45s

54. 4/04/09-BATAAN ULTRAMARATHON-102KMS-17h24m36s

55. 5/23/09-NORTHFACE 100KMS Solo-13h 5m-DNF

56. 6/7/09-MIZUNO-15KMS-1h 30m

57. 6/14/09-PTAA-10KMS-59m5s

58. 6/27/09-BOTAK-100KMS-17h22m-19th overall

59. 7/5/09-MILO-42KMS-5h14m

60. 8/9/09-MILO BAGUIO-21KMS-2h21m

61. 8/16/09-ALAMID-10KMS-38m18s

62. 8/30/09-SPTUSA-21KMS-2h7m

63. 9/6/09-MILO SAN PABLO CITY-21KMS-2h17m

64. 9/20/09-ROTARUN-21KMS-1h49m

65. 10/18/09-QC INT’L MARATHON-42k-5h25m

66. 10/24/09-SUBIC INT’L MARATHON-42k-6h22m

67. 11/08/09-PHIL. INT’L MARATHON-42k-5h32m

68. 11/15/09-TIMEX-21K-2h 17m

69. 11/29/09-NEW BALANCE-21k-2h 7m

70. 12/6/09-CONQUER CORREGIDOR-16K-1h 44m

71. 12/20/09-PHIL.STAR-21K-2h 24m

72. 12/30/09- RIZAL DAY RUN-32K-3h20m

73. 01/7/10- FAT ASS 24 HOURS RUN IN CLARK-43 LOOPS-94.6 kms

adidas kotr Baguio city

adidas kotr manila 2007

adidas kotr manila 2008

milo laoag city 2

northface tagaytay city


17 responses

14 10 2008

Congrats brother. Wish you more runs to come.

14 10 2008

Great finish times bro. More runs til the end of the year.

14 10 2008

To patmos09 thanks a lot. To God be the glory!
To jinoe…hi bro Hope to see you during the race and I wish for more runs to follow.God loves you.

24 10 2008

again nice stats!

25 10 2008

ang galing bro! so that’s what keep you motivated,nka record pala lahat

7 11 2008

great accomplishment. see you in the races .

7 11 2008

to runningshield: God bless you and yes, well gonna see each other at the finish line…Thanks a lot for dropping by.

22 11 2008

looking at the list of your accomplishment in running, i salute you bro… great runner, physically and spiritually!

20 01 2009

…it is better to fail in doing something than to excel in doing nothing…for even a flawed diamond is more valuable than a perfect brick and people who have no failures also have few victories… many times, a winner is just a dreamer who ever gives up…SO DONT GIVE UP!!…God bless…nice site…

20 01 2009
emmalyn is better to fail in doing something than to excel in doing nothing..for even a flawed diamond is more valuable than a perfect brick and people who have no fialures also have few victories..many times, a winner is just a dreamer who never gives dont GIVE UP…. nice site…God bless

12 07 2009
Alejandro TenorioJr

Congratulations Mr.Runner!!
GOS bless you!!
from Costa Rica-centralamerica

13 07 2009

Thank you Sir Alejandro Tenorio Jr. for dropping-by. God bless.

16 08 2009

wow bro! nice records! Can you make a running club bro? a running club that venerates jesus. may be runners for christ name will do. thanks bro!

18 08 2009

Hi Carlos, right now I’m still praying for it.If I can gather at least 10 runners who have the same vision and passion to share Christ, I’ll go for it. I’ll let you know. God bless.

24 08 2009

I’ll pray for it as well sir. It’s a very good idea, promoting physical fitness and awareness especially among Christians. Running if done the right way is very much beneficial, not just physically but mentally as well. Sadly, a lot of Christians are neglecting their health and are fallen prey to bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. You (or the club) could start a ‘revolution’ sir…that is, a fitness revolution. But more than that, its Jesus revolution thru running. Its like reminding everybody that we have ‘ to run the race’ for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

God bless!

26 08 2009

Hi Alan…in the Church, I was able to influence some and make them believe in the many benefits of running. In fact, my father in faith is now a runner due to my insistence.

Faith without work is dead.

God bless.

7 09 2010

wow.. i never got any medals or award in any athletic events, i would be glad if i have even one of yours.. jeje.. youre very impressive..
good luck to you..

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