Running From Mariveles Bataan To San Fernando Pampanga (102k Ultramarathon Part 1)

Let me share with you in 3 parts My experiences in this toughest race in my entire life. This is the first time that I cried upon reaching the finish line. Imagine running and walking in 17 hours and 24 minutes, non-stop, without sleeping, and with only 3-5 minutes rest in changing my socks, shoes and singlets, eating only food particles, running solo and in the dark, escaped death 2 times…this is my story.

Before the race:


Arriving in Mariveles Bataan at 5pm last Saturday, April 4, 2009…this is the first picture I took and it’s where we’ll start the race on or before 1am.












with Mr. Nama and Dennis Enriquez…my running buddy almost ’til the end. My sincerest appreciation to Mr. Nama and his entire family for a vey nice hitch ride, accommodations and tireless support in the entire race. Without them, I don’t think I could finish this race! By the way, Mr. Nama finished 42nd overll, me at 49th and Dennis at 56th out of 82 runners. (Congrats Dennis, although you don’t have 42 kms race yet, yet you did it at 102! What a display of courage and athleticism.)




Nerrie, Mr. Nama’s daughter and a fiance of Dennis…is the woman who supported us along the way, together with her mom. Their labor and sacrifices will be forever be remembered in this blog! I can’t repay them back for their benevolence. I don’t know them personally and it’s only the first time that I did see them, but they treated me like their own family. My God will bless you for this…


Ahhh…this lady is my angel! She cheered for me along the way until the finish line although I don’t know her! She even supplied me with drinks, galore of ice, sponges, etc when my convoy is out. I asked what is her name, and she told me that she is Fhar?..She may not know it, but her act of kindness will be for keeps! And someday, I want to return the favor to her, if possible. I ‘m only few meters ahead of her husband, and when I saw her husband at the finish line whom I also didn’t know personally, I congratulated him and told him that her wife really helped me to push more to finish this race…I salute them both.

There’s this also a van ending in 361 who offered me some refreshments when the temperature is at peak, and a lady wearing orange who gave me gatorade inside a pocari Sweat container…whoever you are, My God will richly bless you and I pray that many people will help you too, like what you did to me! Also, Jonnel (Bugobugo) gave me mineral water, just in time I’m almost dehydrated…thank you bro…I’ll never forget it!

Some View Of Mariveles Before The Race:




Just in front of the starting line is this majestic view…






Right beside of the starting line, we put up this tent where we rested and tried to sleep, but due to a very hot weather condition…we can’t.

I was also honored to render the opening prayer for the short program before the race. Little did I know that S’ Jovie sent me an sms informing me of that,but since I don’t bring my smart cellphone (I brought with me my globe), it’s only now that I was able to read it.


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