Rihanna’s “Umbrella” Hidden Messages When Backmasking…

4 12 2008

Rihannas popularity is no doubt sweeping the country especially when her concert a month ago is a solid blockbuster. But do you know that some of her songs contain subliminal messages that can corrupt the mind of the listeners? Some singers offered their songs to the devil to make it to the billboard number 1 and earn millions.

Followers of Christ, be alert! The song “Umbrella” by Rihanna which is very popular contains a whole load of hidden messages when you reverse it! You need to listen to it a few times to hear it. Plays in normal speed at first then its slowed down so you can hear it more easily. You can hear words such as…

“He is an Athius, He is no more highness. Coz I’m angry he’s my holy ghost. Now I can see myself in the mirror he is, he asked me for sweet stuff. Would you f—- her, heavenliness on earth, he is no more highness, would you f— her, touch me by your hood, he is taking my faith, he is murdering, he is ha ha ha ha.”

Too sad I can’t download it here, but if you really want to listen to it, then go to youtube.com and search “rihannas umbrella hidden messages backmasking.” This is the reason why we should not listen to worldly songs. I know for sure you already knew the hidden messages in songs like “stairways to heaven”-Oh my sweet satan, “another one bites the dust?”-its fun to smoke marijuana!, “Lets get physical”-let’s have sex “hotel california”- natas si dog or satan is god, and many more.

To God be the glory!

“Why do you call me Lord,Lord and do not do the things which i say?” luke 6:46




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15 05 2009
jessica anderson

thank you for letting the public know and evn tho people here this they still don’t believe it and you are truly an angel for helping so many people.

14 09 2009

That is hilarious! Definately the funniest page I have read on the web today.. man.. satan isn’t real just as much as god isn’t.. get with the times. It’s 2009, religion is so.. 1600’s. Religion kills, not backmasking.
Never saw anyone kill a man for a backwards word (xcept maybe because of that AC/DC song, but you know.. it’s still not real :P), saw heaps of people die for a “concept” i.e. “god”.
Please stop making websites like this, you people scare me. Fanaticism and gullability are horrid parts of the human psyche.. running is sick your website says that you run and cycle – I like that. It’s healthy. Go get punched in the face and realise that god is.. a way for early man (who knew less than us because like.. back a few hundred years ago there was little room for science so man didn’t know very much) to rationalise his surrounds and not have to face that horrid question of “why am I here?” or “what will happen when I die?” .. I can answer both 🙂
You’re here to make funny webpages for me, which I have linked to my friends, and when you die.. if you did a good job, people will remember you for it. That is the true immortality of the soul, making your life a concept in human minds after you vanish. Actually thats beautiful, I’m proud of me for saying that. I should write songs or something.
I like rhianna, she’s pretty and sings well. Accept this 🙂

14 09 2009

Hi Tris…thank you for dropping-by. You know, all of us are entitled to our own opinions and If you don’t believe in a “God”, it’s up to you. And you can make a website or a blog proclaiming your belief. However, I made this blog based on my personal experiences, that apart from Him, I can do nothing. Maybe, you can do something without Him because You don’t believe on Him, but someday, you will realize the importance of having a personal relationship with God. And I do pray that His Spirit will touch your heart and you serve Him like what I’m doing right now.
This blog maybe ridiculous to you and to some of your friends, but no one can stop me in proclaiming the goodness of God and how He can mingle with us, even in this sports like running….

God loves you so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus…that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


10 10 2009

hey soryy for random commenting…. but i believe i should point out something to the person named ‘Tris’, I understand sometimes it is normal to not believe in ‘stuff’ like that but honey your living in a world where ‘stuff’ like this happens. you dnt control the future, and maybe you dont believe God does control the god, but your not god too! Religion isnt just from the 1600s, it’s still happening now! people have their own culture and tradition and religion! I’m not saying you HAVE to believe, but just be aware that were all living in a world where we never known what can happen, who to trust and that’s why I believe in this video, because im not 100% sure there is a satan, but i am aware that their are people who are evil and who are good!

Thanks 🙂

10 11 2009

God loves you so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus…that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

We have no proof of this mans existence outside of the bible.
If there were a man called jesus who walked this earth, and who was crucified for whatever reasoning, I feel for that man.
As I feel for every witch burned.
As I feel for every aids victim too imposed upon by religion to use a condom.
As I feel for every person oppressed by man-made beliefs.

I must say, I respect you now. The average way for a man of your beliefs to deal with a comment such as mine is to simply delete it, which you did not.
It speaks for the strength of humanity to defend their beliefs rather than destroy that which would oppose them.
Even so.. my heart cries that you know god. I only wish I could. It would be a beautiful life to believe in such as he. To understand everything all at once; creation, purpose, order, the concept of a soul undermining the complexity of the human mind..
You have your god, and I cannot take that from you. I am happy for the strength that this implies, but I am saddened for the lack of comprehension that it speaks.
Our world is heaven. This life is heaven.
I just walked to the shops near my house (it’s dusk) and on my return trip, there were no cars on the road, the sun was setting.. it was amazingly serene. It is the few quiet moments such as that, that affirm to me that life is a gift that as a species we are only beginning to understand.
I consider myself of a lateral and compassionate mind. I am a highschool drop out. I am a drug user. I have committed theft. I have wronged. I have hurt peoples hearts, though rarely their flesh. I have failed as often as I have found success.
I have cried at death and rejoiced in birth.
I am a singular figure in a numerous populace.
All of this means very little.
I find tradition to be beautiful; it speaks of millions of lives before ours that have tried to rationalize their environment.
This does not however, make tradition either true or fact; of which there is a subtle difference.
I can believe that man would wonder as to how we came to be, and not just us, but time and space in itself.
I often do.
But the bible has shown me no answers to the questions I ask.
If you, the bible, or any other archaic belief system were able to answer these questions, you would have my repentance in due order.
The bible is a localized occurance, documented by hearsay and patrolled by those who would have it’s words influence others in a direct manner.
The sacred should one day be separated from religion, because I find life to be elementary sacred, but can find absolutely no evidence of a higher power or consciousness.
If you are to study the bible with the same scrutiny in which you would study plato, herodotus, marx.. hitler.. you would see that as a source it is highly unreliable.
And lets cast the bible itself aside for a moment.
The religious concept of the sacred.
Souls, the afterlife, divine intervention.. this is implicitly impossible.
I say this not as an affront but as a statement of fact.
Have you ever studied the function and operations of emotions within the human brain? It is entirely chemical.
We do not “feel” .. we recieve chemical messages and respond appropraitely.
“Feelings” I assume are the basis of the concept for a soul.
If feelings are grounded in chemical reactions, then how are these chemical reactions received when the body fails and dies?
They simply are not.
Our earth was “seeded”, if you will, by left-handed amino acid crystals, carried by comets.
Amino acids are crucial to life because they form the basis of proteins, the molecules that run cells. The acids form when organic, carbon-containing compounds and water are zapped with a source of energy, such as photons – a process that can take place on Earth or in space.
Previously, researchers have found amino acids in space rocks that fell to Earth as meteorites, and tentative evidence for the compounds has been detected in interstellar space. Now, an amino acid called glycine has been definitively traced to an icy comet.
This says that our planet was ripe for live; comets are the semen of the universe, planets the ovum, and our entire universe is a womb of interstellar creation.
That, I truly find to be beautiful.
I cannot take your beliefs from you, but I can discredit them.
I will stop here, there are a myriad of things I would like to say, but ultimately, you and I are just two individuals.
Even if I were successful in showing you that life is sacred in a purely physical way, it would matter naught.
Religious figureheads will still rape the minds of children and men will still grow to believe they are a part of some divine plan and that everything will one day be okay..
I am sorry for your loss.

10 11 2009


Thank you once again for that reply. As I read it, I’m so impressed with your wisdom and eloquence, and how I wished to talk to you personally so that I could be your friend.

Long time ago, there was a man who don’t believe in a ‘God’. He believe then that heaven is the earth, no soul, that the Bible is just a fiction book intended just to scare us, that religion is the simplest way to get rich…

He was a liar, a thief, a blasphemer, a fornicator, an addict, an immoral…

Until one day, he met his God. And God called him to be a living testimony.

That man is me.

While I cannot answer all your questions for my knowledge is limited, but I have no regret in serving this God. I would rather live righteously than understand all those deep secrets but living a life full of questions and uncertainties.

One day, all of us will die. If my belief is false, then I still have no regrets for I lived a fruitful and a righteous life. But what if I’m correct? Where will your soul go?

I’ll pray for you TRIS, I know you’re seeking for the truth and I;m here to help.

Congratulations for you’re a winner in Christ.

God bless.

Ronnie de Lara

10 11 2009

I’m out of breath for the argument.
I dont want to go to heaven. I want to show that earth truly is.

10 11 2009

I would like to say.. I smoke a joint here and there.. I stole a few candy bars during early high school.. oddly as that is, that still sits on my conscience.
I hope that kinda explains part of my comment before; I just read over it and thought that it kinda makes me out a little worse than intended.. mistakes in earlier times still weigh heavily with me, and I spend my time to trying to right the attudes I once held and know are wrong.
I see it as part of that attempt at reformation that brings me to the beliefs of life and purpose I now hold; evident I think I my above comments.
I did not mean to come across as a villain, I am sorry for that.

24 11 2009

Tris you are not quite right there is lots of proof that a man like jesus existed he was called horus he was the son of an egyptian god there are many others like him through out the years long before jesus. Most of christianity is taken from other religions.

But anyway when you play any song back your head recognises the sounds of some one speaking and trys to figure out what they are saying really by guessing. Its like thoes ink blotches the psychyitrest show and ask you want you see. Your brain fills in the gaps and lets you see or hear what you want for example who ever it is who owns this blog is oviously into christianity when thats why he hears lots of things like “heavenliness on earth” and “He’s my holy ghost”. It has allso been provent through trials that subliminal messageing like this has no effect.

Another thing is that it is very hard to make a number one hit or a song that makes sense forwords and has hidden messages in it when played backwords to intentionly do both is pritty much imposible

20 01 2010
Hunneh x

I’m actually gobsmacked at the vocabulary you people are using in your sentences, this has really inspired me and will later help me in my future GCSE, to succeed an A* in my real exams in the next five months. You guys are very explicit.
I love the way you both got different views I mean one of you is an atheist whislt the other is a strong believer I love the way you guys are backing your opinions it has really got me thinking.
“God bless you” It’s like your constantly throwing words at eachother which is soo hard, and I have to say it really hits me.

14 03 2010

To Tris:
Your life may be Heaven on earth, but what can you say about all the people living in poverty, who do not have the chance to walk down a street and see the sun rise, because they are too preoccupied with trying to figure out when/where their next meal will be.
These people are not in heaven, not even close, because regardless of their efforts, they simply do not have the resources to sustain them.
You can frame it however you like, but there is not way anyone of these people will ever think they are in heaven, and neither will I.
We may think earth is heaven, only because we have the luxury to do so, not because it is truth.

25 03 2010

Tris, I really pray that ur eyes will be opened to the truth so that you will seek jesus before its too late and the day comes when you will be imprisoned in hell full off regret. God bless you.

13 04 2010
Dae-young Song

I`m song, South korea Christian.
I know backward masking. Christian! be careful!
but much of the people don`t konw devil`s message in South korea.

28 04 2010

I don’t know how but reading and researching revelations made me under stand almost everything in life now

28 04 2010

Read revelations and you will be suprised and research the illuminati

8 06 2010

oh my… oh boy,, that was some hot argument in there.. i’m catholic, i believe in God, Jesus and the Holy spirit. i believe that as i have believed, love, and praise God there are people who believed otherwise. some people doesn’t believe in Him and some worshipped other entities. as God is for good as satan is for evil. this is what i believed. to those people who doesn’t share my belief i can’t do anything but to pray for them. there are a lot of possibilities that these singers: jay-z, rihanna, and lady gaga, are uhh,, satan worshippers but we can’t know for sure until they themselves tell us. i think that there is nothing wrong in listening these songs because we don’t know their meanings, we can’t honestly be worshipping satan without us knowing.

to those who doesn’t know God, please please think.. think who made the heaven, water, sea, sky, animals, birds, everything that exists, us, you and me?? did you just think that we sprout out of nowhere?? i guarantee that there is God. a God who loves us and cares for us, who forgives us when we wronged Him and others. even though you committed millions of sins God will forgive you if you’ll just ask for HIs mercy and forgiveness with all your heart..

GOD bless us all.. 🙂

3 07 2010

Hey guys cool it hey. Yous are just pushing tris further away from god. It’s like force feeding hey. Tris is a mate of mine. I worked with him. He’s a top bloke. But. He doesn’t believe. At all. And i highly doubt he ever will. I’m not saying don’t pray for him. Just don’t shove it down his throught. I myself believe in god. I believe that jesus died on the cross for my sins and i also have a relationship with jesus 🙂

18 09 2010
Cheena Salas

Hi runner for Christ, im currently doing a research about back masking for our TV show in the philippines (Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho). i wanted to talk to you and ask some questions but i don’t know how to contact you. I wanted to know your point of view about it, if back masking really intended for evil purposes, or just a coincident, a product of wild imagine of people. I also would like to meet them—people who do back masking for what ever purpose they have in mind. Evil or not. thank you 🙂

However, Im so amazed how by the flow of this enlightening conversion. Good Job..this a very good blog spot.

Cheers 🙂

30 09 2010
Kim Jerome Alcantara

Hello, runnerforchrist.
I am Kim Jerome Alcantara from De La Salle University-Manila’s Filipino Publication, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel.
Our October’s issue would be about scary things on these days and the assigned article for me was Back Masking.
I would just like to know how it is done, step by step; some common messages that the song convey and how true is this thing.
You can e-mail me for the online/e-mail interview.
And I will ask, too, some personal questions.
Thank you so much!

1 10 2010

hey, thanks for that information..

1 10 2010

i became aware of what i read in this site..
i’m already a christian but many times, i listen to wordly music..
i love music..but listening to wordly music too much gives me headache..
and when i listen too christian songs, i feel relaxed..
can i request for some songs that i can listen to and make me more reminded about our Lord???
i’m looking forward for those songs..
kindly forward it to my e-mail..

11 11 2010
ievol susej regala

hi, satan who is known as lucifer when he is still an angel of God..is an angel of music who worship God.. but bcoz of envy of power he was sentencd to hell along with other angels who was with him.. from this we can know that music is one of the most powerful means of satan decieve us! music is originally designd by God to worship HIM.. as christians we should be careful with the devil’s scheme! we should stand firm on God’s word..


18 11 2010

I find it interesting the secular music is the target of discovery when it comes to backward masking. I would think if Satan truly wanted to warp/brain wash or distort views that this sort of thing would be more prominent in Christian music rather than main stream music. Why target an audience that already supports you when you can target and convert the opposition?

Is there a site or does anyone know of any attempt to discovery backward masking in modern Christian music? Not saying anything against or for him but take for example “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groben and actually allot of other artist that proclaim to be Christian (No where in their song lyrics do they clearly define “Who the You” they are singing to/ referring to is.

Who is to say that they are not singing to Satan?

I’m just saying, just because it’s packaged for your consumption shouldn’t exclude it from the same critical observation.

Just some food for thought, would be interesting to put some popular christian music to the test to see what came of it.

4 01 2011

Beware of this deception because the devil is like the roaring Lion looking for someone to whom he may devour…..

2 05 2011

hi brethens! i’m glad 2 know a youth like me fighting for God’s name..though there so many persecutors still you’re not loosing your faith and believe. and not decieved by any work of the enmy.. the Lord so much amaze by you. fro being a good fighter for His righteousness! ARISE young generation we are no longer forsaken….
let’s prove that God calls us and everyone will be if they accept God also like us and believe that He is true..No doubt that He is true! our lives is a great proofs though they still believe in evolution of man! let’s ARISE AND SHOUT THE GREATNESS OF THE LORD :)) GODBLESS EVERYONE!

2 05 2011

backmasking? honestly i’m scared knowing that there’s a songs has hidden msg. coz i’m a music lover.. but when i encounter the LORD he gradually take away loving secular songs. i hope the LORD speaks 2 your heart and don’t agen DON’T ignore it! He’s talking with you..

13 08 2011

Well, TRIS has the right to be atheist… Question, I am a 17year old South African girl, my family still does initiation ceremonies where we young girls get introduced into womanhood.. Cows are slaughtered and eaten.. Nothing is done with the blood.. Is that against God? #ReallyConfused

4 09 2011

Runner for Christ I pray that you keep on informing people about what’s going on, and I really pray for that Tris person. Glory be to God the Father The Son and The Holy Ghost…..For those that don’t believe in God or Satan ask your self a question. How did we get here? What put life on earth? When people are making horror movies where does the evil images come from? What can make a persons heart so evil and where does that source comes from?

5 09 2011

Wow,i’m impressed with the two men up there..Tris and runner4christ..Yes,we have different beliefs but only some have the wisdom to discern the truth. I’m proud to say that Jesus saved me..he touched my heart. I was once lost in the world of unknown. We can never really prove Tris our God, Jesus Christ unless he will encounter Him in his life. Tris,come and see that the Lord is good. The world is passing away..BUT if you have Jesus in your heart,you will never be afraid. Come to think of it, why not try to open your heart and believe. Only then will you feel the contentment within your soul..Yes,you’ll say it just depends on how we think and act,but being a Christian means, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE. Having Jesus as God,Father,Friend means living a life without doubts and emptiness. God bless us all. Life in this world is a struggle. If we can only humble ourselves before God, we will be contented upon knowing that there’s Someone who loves you more than you know or can imagine.

15 03 2012
servant of CHRIST

hello runner for Christ,

thank you for your honest, and heartfelt testimony, of where you were, and how CHRIST gathered you unto Himself, into a better life now. i’m so happy and glad for you, and i thank you for sharing your story.

JESUS be Praised!!! Who encompasses the fullness of the divinity of GOD, bodily, in HIM. JESUS is GOD. Alleluia! and Mighty is HE.

Thank You JESUS!!

and GOD bless you, in CHRIST, runnerforchrist, keep running the race! we’re with you, with JESUS, fellow brothers and sisters in CHRIST, being servants of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

I LOVE You JESUS! I love You, I love You!

15 03 2012
servant of CHRIST

P.S. Excellent and very observant point about how lyrics of “worldly” music are dangerous to our minds, and can affect us badly. very badly. more than we realize.

the same is true of television and movies. these evils seek to lull us to sleep “spiritually” and to not think anything of it. to make light of something that is SO damaging to us, and our relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

it is actually necessary to not only STOP sinning altogether, but to also Eliminate the sneaky and pervasive “doorways” that precede sin. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

thank you for the post. it is a very important point.

NO worldly music, television, or movies, which are garbage to the soul anyway.

Psalm 101:3 (KJV)
3 “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”


29 08 2012

i believe it! i really do. i have been doing my own research on the music and disney industry. i love my cartoons and as a single mom i have become concerned about the new shows coming out. mickey mouse club house sports the all seeing eye on the bottom of the skateboard goofy uses! seriously?! the eyes is everywhere and once the pop artists start going against it they are killed off. the Illuminati is out there and very real. they show u signs of what they are, where they are and what they will do next. still only a handful of people believe and when we try to warn you it causes feuds between us. this gives them a definite upper hand on the world! 1% of the population hold all the money, money is power and they have been playing a game of monopoly and we are losing! the backward songs do contain satanic messages. the Illuminati has been practicing mind control for as long as Walt Disney first drew a cartoon! he was part of the Illuminati, a Nazi and an evil entity all together! look up what your subconscious mind is seeing everyday, every time we turn on the tv, the music. its easier to control a nation when we cant control ourself. they are canniving , manipulative and worship their god, their satan on a daily bases and he is rewarding them with the worldly treasures and riches they ask for, while we look the other way and more turn from the god that is suppose to save our souls from this evil. this is what the devil wants, he want science to blind you, and religious views to cause war and poverty. look at the demonic hand signs all the rich and famous people hold up. they aren’t 10years old, why are they giving us a rock on sign or make horns on their head. there is sooooo much out there that points to the daily battle between good and evil and heaven and hell! the signs could slap you in the face and if you don’t have an open mind to see them, such as some of you on here, then you will simply blow this off. but seriously what kind of a man draws dicks in all the disney movies? who slips in a voice saying take off your cloths in aladin. they are sooooo smart, what parent, besides me lol, will sit there and watch these movies over and over again? you wont, but your kids do and the first step to brain washing is repetition, hints why disney made his audience Innocent children untouched by the ways of the world. get them while they are young. listen to the words of your music, to the words at the end that 2pac says in the song till the end of time. listen to the fact that it became a life or death situation in the end. he stopped putting the satanic messages in his music and wanted to be free from them, he began writing his own lyrics and that made them mad. the devil doesn’t want you to believe and my god has opened my eyes to his evil plans on this earth. im telling you! look up the Illuminati card game. made long before the 9/11, the devil faces, the controversy of who did it and if it was the government. it was!!! if we fight among our self then we don’t see the big picture. hints the wars on religion and terrorism! they tell us the way the world will end and i doubt it will be in December. They have much bigger plans to take as many with them when the time comes to be called home. we are but souls living to be taken to the good side or the bad side.

6 11 2012

Thank God for this blog post! so that many of us will be aware of the songs with hidden subliminal messages and the effect that it could do to our minds. No wonder most of these songs tops billboard charts. I do hope that men will be opened to listen to songs of worship and praise (Christian songs)

4 03 2013

how do you know something that’s hidden in their songs,
Stop troubling people lying them coz it seems that you’ve no reason to make people trust in your lies………

if particulary you may tell me the meaning of ”storm is over” of R’kelly and if you may listen it more and more you will no longer find the hidden message.
We know that Satan has alteady begin working and it’s only Jesus’ grace which will made us apart from him.

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