Running In Daang Hari Muntinlupa City…

Today’s long run which has the target of 42k did not materialize because of some irregularities along the way! We were six (Bert, Ferdie, Jerry, Rigo, Romy And Myself) and we started running as early as 4:10 am but we have some detours for some of the areas were  so dim, and that could have cut the suppose mileage that we need to cover. Leaving the Katarungan Village in Muntinlupa City, and turning left instead of right made us realized that we have lost our way to our supposed Alabang Festival Mall. I wanted to go to that place because I knew we could reach km 42 at least, but it seems  majority of my companions  did not want to go there already. Although I’m a little bit frustrated, I cannot blame my companions for some of them have pending appointments and they need to rush home immediately and one of my buddy has experienced pain in his foot, so we decided to cut our long run.

My timex HRM has the following data for this run: time 2 hours 44 minutes=27.3 kms, in zone 2.32, average hour 144, peak hour 210, minimum hour 83, total calories 1,857

Nonetheless, we enjoyed being together and although we did not reach our target, there are still plenty of opportunities.

Our next long run this coming Saturday is the route Pacita San Pedro Laguna to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna!

Here are some souvenirs of this long run held earlier…


My running attire…


Reaching Sm Muntinlupa in 50 minutes…


Here, its 57 minutes…


We went straight to National Bilibid Prison…


At this point, we already conquered Daang Hari Alabang…



We’re already half-way and still too dark…


Leaving Victoria Homes…




At Southpeak Rotonda…


Ferdie, Romy and Jack-whom we’ve met only in Southpeak.


with Jack and Ferdie..





The group…the Red Gang! hehe


Walking..during some light moments.



the school on top of the hill.


We ended that semi-long run here..time to replenish!


The one holding a bolo, is not the angel of death…but it’s Jerry.

It’s not easy to have some picture-taking while on the run, for in one point, I’m loosing my momentum! But on the other hand, it has also some advantages..for in it, I do have some time to relax and to enjoy the route, to acknowledge the beauty of nature and to appreciate each milestone along the way.

God bless us and see you at the finish line.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2


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