Running In Villa Escudero, Tiaong, Quezon Province

Last Saturday, February 7, 2009…I’ve been to Tiaong Quezon Province and one of my priorities during that day is to conquer Villa Escudero by “running.” The first thing I’ve noticed as I entered that place is their magnificent coconut plantation,cool climate and wonderful scenery. Since I’m not that familiar to that place, I just made an easy run, roaming back and forth to the vicinity of that Villa. Afterwards, I registered at the lobby and visited the vintage museum, partake their buffet foods, watched a cultural show and did my swimming practice at their pool. I did run that morning in 1 hour and 20 minutes and all I can say is that, it’s a good run.

Here are some pictures of that enjoyable trip:











*acknowledgment: Lucy Sun, a korean lady whom I’ve met in that Villa and eventually became friend…she’s the one taking my pictures.

God bless us all.


3 responses

17 02 2010

ur so amazing!!1 u run all the time and all places…
i want to do that also but then i have no time..
god bless you…

17 02 2010

maricel…set for yourself a time to exercise, it will give you a bountiful harvest. Thank you and God loves you.

15 01 2011
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thanks for featuring one of quezon province most visited tourist destination 🙂

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