Running In Sacobia Clark 100k Trail Run

“A good retreat is better than a bad stand.” -Irish Proverb

A few more hours  before the TNF100 race, I tried to sleep inside our lowly tent located just near beside the base camp. However, due to many distractions like the underground  car racing  near the area, conversations of people beside our tent  and  the noisy  equipments of the staff (TNF) made that impossible. I just closed my eyes and tried to imagine the course of the race.

Two hours before the race, I tried to unload and went to the portalet very near to us, it’s still clean and untouched. I stayed there for 15 minutes but unable to for my system was not accustomed for the 2 am ritual. Worried that it will boomerang later on, I took one Immodium.

At 3 am, we are required to submit those mandatory gears for inspection and after a short program, the race started.


With Romy and Joe (photographer Cas)


With Atty. Jon


I’ts 530 am here.


wet shoes and feet early at this point, and the sands not that friendly.


the beginning of great tribulation.





from lahar river to abode of the mountain..this was the first 10k.


At km 9.


awesome! the beauty of God’s creation.


the first river of the 14 rivers we need to cross. (And this one is nothing compares to them)b12


Natives of that place as I passed by..




Going back again to this river after trekking the trail.


Next: More Photos and My analysis of this race…

God be praised!

“Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands.” -1 Thessalonians 4:11

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