Running In Historic Underground Cemetery,Nagcarlan Laguna

Last Friday, February 6, 2009…I do have a privilege to visit and run the historic Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan Laguna. Since I’m alone, the only souvenir that I can show here is the marking/s of that place and some shots of me after the run.

The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is the only cemetry that is being used by the katipuneros as their secret meeting place built in 1845. Intended only for the burial of the rich and powerful of that town, this historic place is a thing to behold!


The epitaph at the entrance…


the announcement…n2


the background tells it all…the underground cemetery is inside the church, where I was not able to photoshoot. (sigh)!



I was able to run a distance of 12.95 kms for the 1 hour and 15 minutes Easy Run, covering the entire town of Nagcarlan and passing this historic place. The climate too cool like that in Tagaytay and vegetations so great. Nonetheless, it’s another mission accomplish for me, conquering Nagcarlan Laguna by running!

Next mission? Villa Escudero in Tiaong Quezon…

God gave all to you, will you not give your all to Him?


5 responses

9 03 2009
dong ho

great! im featuring the underground cemetery this time. it’s good to know that other bloggers also featured it.

29 10 2009
mark john ambas fernandez

nice shot po

2 04 2010

bakit po bawal mag pic sa ilalim?

22 04 2010
joshua cordova

nakami-miss tlaga pumunta sa under ground cemetery lalot kapag jan ka lumaki
at marami na kaming memorable expirence kaming magkaklase….kaya paguwi ko jan sa nagcarlan pu2nta ako jan kc kaka-grauate ko lng ng 4th year kaya nagtrabaho muna ako sa manila sa mntinlupa. kapag nakikita ko ang sementeryong ito nabubuhayan ako ng loob at pag-asa.joshua cordova parents lucia cordova,ronald cordova in palina nagcarlan laguna . salamat po

5 05 2011
mimay urriza

IM a resident of nagcarlan, it was nice to know that some people appreciates the beauty of the underground cemetery, aside from that we’re also have the historical st. Bartholomew church where some unforgetable movies like kampanerang kuba and pasukob was shoot on that place, i would also like to invite you to our ANA KALANG FESTIVAL to be held evry 2nd week of april,….I COULD SAY THAT IM A PROUD RESIDENT OF NAGCARLAN,,, THANK YOU!

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