Running In Batangas City:Milo 21 kms Racing Event.

Yesterday, February 15, 2009 is my 51st racing event and eventually one of my best time in the 21 kms. This is due to my training program, discipline and my will to beat my previous time record. My time of 1 hour, 55 minutes and 46 seconds (unofficial) is one of my best together with my previous one in the last year’s Afp-dnd 21 kms. (My last year’s record here is 2 hours and 1 minute)

We are almost 20 running addicts all the way from San Pedro Laguna and we traveled as early as 3 am to Batangas City. My assessment for yesterday’s half marathon is 90% because everything is good except for the foul smell of Piggery or Poultry farm which we encountered all throughout the race particularly in the barangay area. It’s also a remarkable race for me because I was able to beat the elite Sen. Pia Cayetano who also joined this race in the same event. (In the 2007 New balance 25 kms in Clark, I was able to be with her pace from km 0-km 16 but then she outrun me at the start of km 17). This time, I see to it that I ran ahead of her right from the start. (Sorry Sen.Pia, but you are my benchmark since then and you’re one of my idols.)

My data for that race: 21 kms- 1 hour 55 minutes 46 seconds, in zone 1.56, average hour 167, peak hour 185, minimum hour 111, total calories 1,688. Some traces of that event:


the place…


After the race…


Jack Marcos…my running buddy who finished with a time of 1 hour and 54 minutes.


Almost blurred shot by Jack…maybe you’re jittery here hehehe



The Group…





Oooops…there is still one to come, it’s Amading! a buddy who had 13 full marathons on his belt.

Special Thanks to Phillip, 2nd man from left who invited us to his ancestral house in Tanauan Batangas right after the race and hosted a great breakfast. Thank you bro.

Next Race: Laiya Batangas Trail Run. See you there!

God bless us all!


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24 09 2009
Tony Brown

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A definite great read..Tony Brown

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