Running In Pandan Island Occidental Mindoro

Pandan Island is a  private island with a small resort on the West coast of Occidental Mindoro, Central Philippines.
After the island was ‘discovered’ and the resort established in 1986 by a French adventurer, this tropical island retreat has been voted time and again as one of the top resorts in the Philippines, not in terms of luxury but for it’s quality of life and it’s personalized atmosphere.

Pandan Island is for people who like to spend  time in  tropical surroundings without cars and television. A place where you are woken up by the singing of colorful birds, where there is only a palm tree between you and the sea, where you still know your neighbors and where you may even meet  a sea turtle before having your breakfast .


Running in this beautiful place is really a pleasure for one cannot be mesmerized by the beauty and the serenity of this island. When I retire someday, I want to spend the rest of my life along seashore and probably run still. I’m a nature and beach lover and my goal is to conquer different islands by means of running, covering every mile and enjoying the majestic creation of my Master and Lord.

Here, I was able to reach the farthest point for upto 7 kms only for the island is so small and my  time is 1 hour 2 minutes.






At the back is The place where I stayed…where there is no electricity and you will sleep with a mosquito net while your door and windows are all open…Whew! I missed this paradise..


Resting after an intense running, too bad I don’t have pictures for that. It’s nice to run without my shoes, for a change.




Visit to appreciate this place more.

God bless us all!

“May the glory of God fill you with all joy…” Romans 15:13


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