Despicable ME!

29 08 2010

“I am the greatest.” -Muhammad Ali

Biking to Caylabne Ternate Cavite…
Long time ago, there was a great king. He was powerful, brilliant and wealthy. He had many  accomplishments as a ruler for his country including a magnificent ‘hanging garden.’He was being adored and admired not only in his native land but around the world.

One day, he said to himself,”I am the greatest ruler in the entire planet and no one can  beat me. Who among them can create an amazing ‘hanging garden’except me? Truly indeed, I am the the greatest of them all.”

All of a sudden, a coup d’ etat occurred in his government and he was toppled from his  throne by his successor. He was held as captive and released afterward because he was found to be as mentally insane. The former king became a vagabond and beggar, eating crumbs from garbages.

As he walked around the city, he saw this awesome ‘hanging garden’ and finally,he remembered who he was. He cried as he looked on to the sky and said these words, “God, please forgive me for I became too proud and too haughty then. If you will give me another chance, I’ll make up for my mistakes. I’ll walk in humilty and will serve you the rest of my life. Truly
indeed, You alone are the greatest.”

And according to history, that king regained his power once again. And he became a righteous ruler since then.

Too many people are too proud of their accomplishments without realizing that the only  source of their talents and skills comes from God. Without Him, we are nothing and we can do nothing. We can deny His existence because we are prosperous now, but time will come like what happened to that king, we will understand. And sometimes, the hard way.

The problem with us is the word ‘I.’ ”

I am the fastest runner.

I am the most gifted and talented athlete.

I am the wisest of them all.

I am the most skillful organizer and a very influential person.

I am the best among the rest.

Without me, they can do nothing about it.

Friend, remember this: Without HIM, we are nothing. Everything we possess here on earth comes from HIM and if HE will take this away from us, we can do nothing about it.

By the way, the king I’ve mentioned above was none other than King Nebuchadnessar, once a mighty ruler of Babylon long time ago. He was being remembered as a king who was not only built the famous ‘Hanging Garden of Babylon’ but a king who had learned the hard way of humility.

Let’s learn a lesson from him and paraphrased the quotation above…

“I am the greatest” -no more but “He is the greatest.”

God be Praised!

In early life of Elihu Burritt, he began to study the ancient languages after his day’s work was done. He spent his evenings in study as faithfully as his days in work. He was a blacksmith by trade. At the age of 50, he was familiar with  many languages. He was a blacksmith by day and linguist by night. He became a noted lecturer, philanthropist, and author. What he did, others can do.


Time To Build And Heal!

27 08 2010

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” –Tori Amos

The slogan “Time to build and heal” as my singlet in one of my running practices…

The ‘hostage-taking’ scenario last Monday only shows our country’s lack of capacity to solve a simple but a very demanding task of appeasing a bewildered hostage-taker. The leader of the negotiating panel whoever he was, must comply with every demands of the hostage-taker just to save lives of those innocent people. Remember, what this ex-cop wants is not too hard to give. He is not asking for billions of pesos, a chopper, or a release of a certain head of the terrorist in exchange of those captives, but for him to be reinstated so that he could have his ‘job’ again. If his demands were approved right there and then, this bloodshed could have been avoided.

Let me clear one point: I’m not a sympathizer of ex Capt. Mendoza. In fact, I cannot also tolerate  what he did. If he hated our government for his bad luck, he should confront those people liable for his fate  or maybe he held those responsible as his captives, but please – those Hong Kong nationals have nothing to do with it. They’re just here to enjoy with their families, to visit the beauty of our country. In the end, horror grips their souls as the whole world is watching!

Another thing that was not acceptable during that dark and sad Monday evening, was the presence of those MEDIA reporters whose only motive was to have an edge in terms of rating against their rival networks. In sensitive case like this, they should not be allowed to give coverage. A news-blackout should have been implemented. There were reports that ex Capt. Mendoza saw it on TV the way his brother was arrested and after that, he was fuming mad that eventually triggered him to kill those HK nationals one by one.

Not unless we change our ways, many more hostage-takers will arise and many more precious and innocent lives will be lost.

It will take time to build and heal specially to the family of those victims.

Let the rebuilding and healing process begins, and I dedicated that ‘run’ above to those unfortunate souls.

May we learn many lessons  from that Monday’s tragic history and PRAY that the sad scenario not to happen again in the future.

God is still in control, in good times and in bad times.

God be Praised!

Iron Will Of An IronMan…

21 08 2010

“It’s going to be tough but for sure, we will give everyone a good show.” -Terrenzo Bozzone

At the finish line of my first ever Triathlon…

841 total participants. 172 foreigners from 34 countries. They will swim 2.6 kms, will  bike 123.2 kms and will run 28.8 kms tomorrow, August 22, 2010 in Camarines Sur dubbed as  ‘Camsur’s Ironman 70.3’.

This event will separate men from boys and definitely, will test one’s limit and endurance. Against all elements, they will show to the world why they’re being called ‘IRONMAN’ or TRIATHLETE in their own right.

An IronMan must also have an iron will to survive and finish the race.

Terrenzo Bozzone, last year’s Champion from New Zealand, is expected to lord it over again as he said the quote I’ve mentioned above. I  just can’t imagine how he trained for this for almost a year and how he greatly benefited from these rudiments of training. A product of swimming, biking and running – almost a perfect body.

Oh well, as they enjoy this event physically, winners will take home fabulous prizes:

The champion will pocket $6,000 while the next two finishers will get home $4,000 and $2,000, respectively. The top Filipino placers get P50,000, P30,000 and P20,000.

To all my friends who will be joining this gigantic competition, I have a piece of advise: “Think positive, Walang Aayaw. Stay Safe and above all, have Fun.”

Congratulations in advance!

God be Praised.

The 2nd QC Int’l Marathon 42K…

20 08 2010

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” -Proverbs 16:3

Mark the date: December 5, 2010, Sunday.  That will be the 2nd Quezon City International Marathon and I will be joining together with my running pal, Romy Irevera, in  the 42k. Last year, we were included in the race as Pacers in the 5 hours flat.

Now, we will join as mere runners. No pressure, just plain pleasure. : )

I’m also expecting my running friends both in Laguna and Cavite that they too will join this momentous event. I  invited too some of my buddies in Makati to try joining a race, even if it’s only a 5k race, and this one is a good start  for them to be exposed in  a healthy lifestyle called running.

I can still remember some happy moments during last year’s 1st QCIM…

I arrived at the starting area 1 hour and 30 minutes before the race…

Took a short nap…

The 1st QCIM last year…

Some 30 minutes before the race starts…

At the finish line…

Jonel aka Bugobugo, Armand fernando, Romy Irevera and KC Yang.

with Maru and her husband…

with Faar and Caloy Nobleza together with a friend…

And to You, Anonymous, who sponsored me and Romy for this event (2nd QCIM 42k), Thank you very much.

God bless you always. : )

See you on Dec. 5, 2010 in the 2nd QCIM 42k.

God be Praised!

The Wanderer!

19 08 2010

“Life is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.” -selected

Conquering Cardiac Arrest Hill via biking…

Just sharing… God bless.

There is nothing in his background to suggest that he might have been extraordinary. He was a bit  less than an average in school, and at times was a problem pupil. An incident occurred when he was 15 years old and in high school. The teacher called Victor a ‘dunce.’ That’s not all – his teacher gave him the advise that it would  be better if he dropped  out of school and learned a trade.

Victor took that advice and acted upon it. He dropped out of school and for the next 17 years went from job to job and became a wanderer. Living life without a purpose and acting out the fact that he was a dunce.

At the age of 32, however, something amazing took place! It was a moment that would change his life forever. Somehow, somewhere, somebody gave him an IQ test. The results? They revealed that he was a genius with an IQ of 161! Most of us are average with an IQ between 90 and 110.

From that moment, Victor began acting like the genius the IQ test indicated he was! Today he is quiet a remarkable fellow. No longer is he a wanderer – he is a very successful businessman. He is the author  of several books and has invented some new discoveries  for which he holds the patents. His name? Victor Seribriarkoff!

His name is not exactly a household word, but those who have heard of Victor know that he was elected to be the chairperson of the International Mensa Society. To belong to Mensa a person must have an IQ of 140 or above.

Once Victor realized who he  really  was, his entire life changed.

The way we see ourselves often determines what we become. Our self image  often develops  from what other important  people say about  us. We listen to what they tell us, and then begin to act upon it. If we believe that we are a failure, then we act like a failure. If someone calls us  a ‘dunce’ and we believe that , we act like a dunce.

Today, my friend, do you really know who you are?

Act like who you are.

-365 Moments To Cherish by  Robert Strand

God be Praised!

The Mailman Delivered Again!

17 08 2010

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  ~Plato

Conquering Palace In The Sky Tagaytay City…

In his 19 years in the NBA, he averaged 25 points and 12 rebounds per game. Unfortunately, he didn’t win any championship, for his team, the Utah Jazz has a tougher opponent then, MJ’s Chicago Bulls. He had a monicker, the Mailman, for every time his team needs a point, the ball will be given to him -and he will deliver! His name -Karl Malone.

Last week, Malone and other NBA greats, including MJ, Bird, Magic etc. were inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame. And this time, Malone delivered again! Not with points, not with stats, but with  generosity and kindness.

Malone gave his Hall of Fame jacket to a boy in a wheelchair whom he didn’t know.

Karl Malone saw the paralyzed young boy who is watching  the induction and as the Mailman received the sports coat with the Hall of Fame logo, the Mailman approached the young boy and gave him his jacket- as a special delivery.

As I quote from  Yahoo Sports, Malone said, “Put it some closet and years from now blow the dust off of it, and look at it?” he said. “This little boy will do something with it. I love that I did it.”

I’m not a Karl Malone fan, in fact, I cheered for the Bulls when they met in the NBA Finals a couple of years ago, but as I read this story, I’m now one of his avid admirers from now on. Imagine, who among those NBA greats can do exactly what the Mailman did? I like his attitude. Not many people have the same  outlook in life.

For you, Karl Malone – the Mailman, this blog salutes you. You will go home without your Hall of Fame jacket, but you will remain an NBA Legend as true  Hall of  Famer.

On and Off the court, you’re indeed the Mailman! Thanks for that ‘Special Delivery.’

God be Praised!

Who Is On Your Wall?

16 08 2010
“Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?” – Voltaire
During the Condura 42k Marathon, conquering the Skyway!

Just recently, I was invited by a running pal to his house after a long and steady practice one fine day. He offered me a cold juice with freshly baked  pandesal and  as I entered his house, I noticed a big poster of a  famous NBA player on his wall, Michael Jordan.  He was an avid fan of  MJ and he told me that during his prime, he played basketball a lot. He even  imitated some patented moves of that great icon in basketball as we wrapped that day with a candid smile.

Who is in your wall?

Let me share with you a short story taken from the book  “365 Moments To Cherish” by Robert Strand. Enjoy reading:

...My attention was focused on the tragic story of *Raffy Smith, an 18 year old senior, a basketball star with everything going his way… a promised athletic scholarship, first place winner in his school’s talent contest, and he was one of the most popular kids in school.

That’s the  background, here’s the story: …Raffy was driving home from a high school basketball game on a Friday night when he was stopped by a police in a patrol car. On the seat of the car beside Raffy was a big plastic bag with several chunks of crack, the highly concentrated and addictive  form of cocaine. So that he wouldn’t be arrested for illegal possession, he swallowed the drugs as the police made his way to the stopped car. Later that night he went to convulsions. His parents rushed him to the hospital, but early on Saturday morning, Raffy Smith died of a drug overdose.

One more element appears on this story: On the wall of Raffy’s bedroom , was a huge poster of his hero…basketball star *Ronald Morris.  Morris was the star of his school’s basketball team and for that year  was the #1 draft  pick  for the NBA. He was chosen by the Boston Celtics. But on the night he was drafted #1…Ronald Morris died of an overdose of cocaine!

* Names withheld to protect their identities.

A very sad story? Yes! Are you surprised? Maybe not. But consider Raffy’s role model was Ronald Morris. I can only imagine  that one of the first things he saw  in the morning and the last thing at night before closing his eyes was Ronald. Ronald was the hero,  dream, goal of Raffy.

Now my question to you: Who is your role model? Who is in the poster of your bedroom? Who would like you to follow? When you are dreaming of your future, who is the one person that comes to your mind, who do you see? Who do you have pasted  on the inside of your locker door? Who is on the dash of your car? Who do you want to be like?

Choose well! Heroes are important…but even more important is the hero you choose to follow.

Keep looking UP!

God be Praised.

“Let us fix our eyes on JESUS…the author and the finisher of our faith.” -Hebrews 12:2