Tnf 100 Kms This Coming May 23-24,2009

31 01 2009

I just received an email from The Northface yesterday telling me that their 100 kms Ultramarathon will push thru this coming May 23-24, 2009. Details to follow.

It’s a great news to all running addicts!

God bless us all!


How Important Is Protein For A Marathon Runner?

30 01 2009

In the world of sports nutrition, protein is usually more closely associated with body building than marathon nutrition but its importance to endurance runners is certainly no less significant. The fact that the word protein means, “of primary importance,” clearly indicates just how important it is.
The intake of sufficient amounts of protein is important not only as an auxiliary fuel source to be used along side fat and carbohydrate but also to help rebuild muscle fibers after training runs to aid the adaption process.

Amino Acids – the building blocks

Proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids. Their specific structure and order determines what kind of protein they are. There are a total of around twenty two amino acids, some of which can be made by the body when necessary, known as non essential amino acids but others know as essential amino acids must be consumed through the diet.
If essential amino acids are left out of the diet, ill health can set in and running performance can be severely impaired. By eating a well balanced carnivorous diet, the chances of becoming deficient in the essential amino acids are unlikely as all meat products contain sufficient amounts. Such types of food are known as complete proteins. Other types of complete protein from non animal products include quinoa and soya.
Incomplete Proteins are all other types of food that do not contain all of the essential amino acids. These include vegetable, fruit and grain products. As a result, vegetarian runners should pay particularly close attention to their diet so that they are not deficient in certain amino acids. A well balanced vegetarian diet, with a wide variety of food products should ensure adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids.

Before protein can be used by the body to carry out everyday physiological functions and regenerate muscle tissue, it must first be broken down by enzymes known as peptides into individual amino acids. The absence of just one amino acid can have a major impact on running performance leaving you feeling fatigued and lack luster. As a result, it is essential that you make sure your protein intake is not only sufficient but of good quality.

Good bricks build a good body

You’d be forgiven for believing that from the moment you are born, the genes that make you who you are remain unchanged, and, irrespective of what you eat they cannot be altered. To a degree this may be so but you’d be well positioned to realize that genes are a product of protein and are replaced regularly. Your blood, enzymes and even the structure of your genes are made by the protein you have eaten in your diet over the past six months. If the sources of protein in your diet have been of poor quality, you will have built a poor quality body which is not going to find it easy to endure a long distance running event. Your muscles and tendons could potentially cause you problems if they have been made from a poor source of protein.
To ensure you are providing your body with the best quality “building blocks,” try to make sure that the protein in your diet is of high quality rather than cheap processed meats you will find in products such as microwave meals and fast food restaurants. Lean cuts of meat from good sources and organic meats may be more expensive but the quality of your health will be far superior.

How Much Protein?

There are many theories on the optimum amount of protein a runner needs to consume if they are to meet the body’s demands. Although there is a large middle ground, too little protein will hinder adequate recovery of the working muscles and if the body takes in more protein than it can utilize, it is broken down into waste products by the liver.
Whichever book you read on the subject about protein requirements for endurance runners, you can be sure that you will find a range of suggestions but if you aim to consume somewhere in the region of 1.7g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, you will not go far wrong.

Me…Before And After!

26 01 2009

Today, I sent my “before and after” pictures to and hopefully, their admin will also post it and If  God willing, will be included too in their yearbook. If in case and if by chance my wretch pictures will not be included, may I present them to you in this blog:



This shot was taken in HongKong Disneyland last 2006 before I became a runner. Although I’m a gym addict at that time, my waistline then is 34 and my weight is 165 lbs. (look at my tummy!) I do have a hard time walking and heavy breathing will occur every time I climb stairs. Since I do not know at that time that I will become a runner and picture taking for me then is a no no, I don’t have pictures similar than this, and this is the only one I’ve got.



Me now,before the start of “New Balance Power Race”, from 165 lbs to 135 lbs and not only can climb stairs, but were able to finish three (3) 42 kilometers, can finish 21 kms Takbo sa Kabundukan, Makiling Challenge and the thrilling The Northface series and already joined 50 racing events!

…and here comes the 102 kms ultramarathon!

Thank you “running”, for the many benefits you did upon me and the best of all? I can eat anything without worrying!

God bless us all!

“If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” Mathew 6:14

Thrill Of The Trail: The Thrill Continues…

25 01 2009

Here are our pictures during the “Thrill of the Trail” last Sunday:

runnerforchrist before the race: We arrived in the vicinity at around 5am and the climate too cold, you can see it in my attire hehetnf63


runnerforchrist, 23rd overall (2 hours and 1 minute), Conrad Aquino, a 63 year old runner, 30th overall (2 hours and 12 minutes) and Henry de Castro, an elite runner, 8th overall (1 hour and 43 minutes) based on the official result.


Bert Rodillas, a 60 year old warrior, who has the record of 4 hours and 34 minutes in the last 42 kmsMilo Elimination, now has the time of 2 hours and 16 minutes; Conrad, Henry and Rodrigo Cameros, 1 hour and 58 minutes. (19th overall)


My Group and I’m the photographer. (Included also is my friend, Ferdinand Valdez, the tallest guy who is also an elite runner.) and Willy Eugenio.


Willy Eugenio, 2 hours and 12 minutes (29th overall)…all smile before the race!


Henry de Castro, the fastest in my Group.


Bert and tatay Burgos (85 year old vintage runner), his life was featured in Milo commercial.


































Be Wise In Choosing The Right Racing Event/s!

25 01 2009

Almost every Sunday, we can notice that there is always one or more racing events here in Manila, mostly in “the fort, moa, Quirino Grandstand” etc. and galore of runners are confuse which one to join, like today, there are two events, in moa and the other one in the fort. It seems that the running community here in our country are so blessed to choose among themselves which is which?

However, I stick to my plan not to run or join every racing events and so today, I chose to have my long run instead.

My team will no longer join a racing event where:

1) there is an obvious “hoarding of freebies. “(in their leaflet it says: first 100 finishers will receive a certain freebies, and yet, at the finish line, those freebies were still intact at the organizer’s booth and never given to deserving runners.)

2. there is a manipulation in giving of the awards. (in their leaflet it says: there is age categories but when the awarding came, it was announced right there only that there will be no more age categories!)

3) there is a risk in the safety of runners.

4) there is no more water/pica pica foods for the 42 kms event.(specially at the last 15 kms).

In my 50 races (see my page: about me), I can say that I’m becoming wiser in choosing the right event because although I love running, those 4 things I’ve mentioned must be given keen and tough considerations.

Races that I will not miss this year? Adidas kotr, new balance, the northface, menshealth trail run and milo elimination. For me, those are the ultimate racing events and tested for a job well done in organizing an event.

God bless us all!

“Genuine faith is anchored in hope, not in circumstances.” Romans 5:5

Let Us Worship The Lord…Everyday!

25 01 2009

Today’s Verse

Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.

Psalm 29:2 (NIV)

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Giving glory, ascribing glory, is not an easy thing for us to do. Let’s admit it. We’re much more used to asking from God rather than blessing God and calling others to him. So let’s use the rest of this week to pray prayers of thanksgiving and praise, glorifying God’s holy name.

My Prayer…

Father, you are marvelous and magnificent beyond my description and understanding. Thank you for sending Jesus to help me catch a glimpse of your glory. Thank you for sustaining me and those I love. I thank you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s Verse Illustrated

2 -- Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.

Sto.Nino 10 kms Fun Run:My 50th Racing Events!

24 01 2009

Today is very special for me, for this is my 50th racing events since I became a runner last April 2006.  I was invited to join a 10 kms Fun Run here in San Pedro Laguna dubbed as “Sto. Nino Fun Run.” I have no plan to participate because my training is all about endurance and long runs. However, I can’t resist the person who invited me. My data for the 10 kms are:

10 kms-44 minutes 46 seconds=9.7 kms only, in zone 44.44, average hour 169, peak hour 181, minimum hour 114, total calories 664.

I was informed that I’m in the 4th place in my age group (30-39).

My friend Henry de Castro received his trophy as the winner for the San Pedro residence group. Congrats brother, and may you have many more trophies to come.

To all the winners, participants, organizers and sponsors, congratulations too for giving us  the opportunity to run  in this place.

God bless us all.

“If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” Proverbs 24:10